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Scholl Concepts Vintage Wax 200 ml.

50th anniversary wax delivers the utmost in shine and paint protection

Scholl Concepts Vintage Wax is the result of 50 years of developing world-class, innovative detailing solutions. Manufactured using the world’s most exclusive natural and manmade ingredients, Scholl Concepts Vintage Wax provides the utmost in paint protection and stunning, jaw-dropping levels of gloss. Vintage Wax is for the enthusiast that lies awake at night longing for a better wax.

Scholl Concepts celebrated its 50 year anniversary in 2012 and with it came two all-new paste waxes – The Rock and Vintage. Vintage Wax utilizes a greater amount of carnauba wax and is designed for the most demanding car wax connoisseur; vehicles that are fortunate enough to be given the Vintage treatment will have a shine that is unsurpassed by anything else available.

At the heart of Vintage Wax is carnauba – nature’s hardest natural wax. Since carnauba wax is extremely hard in its raw form, it must go through a refining and blending process to make it useable for car care application. Scholl Concepts Vintage Wax and the carnauba wax that goes in it are refined and blended to the highest quality standards, ensuring no impurities make their way to the end product. Because of this costly manufacturing process, Vintage Wax is manufactured in extremely limited quantities in Remseck, Germany.

Scholl Concepts Vintage Wax is more than just a looker. This hand-made wax provides durable paint protection that can withstand the elements. Your vehicle will be well protected against anything nature can throw at it. Scholl Concepts Vintage Wax will continue to produce tight water beads month after month, wash after wash.

Scholl Concepts Vintage Wax is a pleasure to apply and remove – no streaky, hazy, smeary mess. This easy-on, easy-off carnauba wax will entice you with its tantalizing fragrance; every aspect of the Vintage Wax experience ranks above all others.

Scholl Concepts Vintage Wax is manufactured in extremely limited quantities in Remseck, Germany.

Celebrate 50 years of perfect paint and treat yourself to Scholl Concepts Vintage Wax.

200 ml. (6.76 ounces)
Made in Germany

Scholl Concepts Vintage Wax 200 ml.

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Scholl Concepts Vintage Wax 200 ml.