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Scholl Concepts Shampol Car Shampoo 500 ml.

Cleans, rinses dry, improves gloss and adds protection!

Scholl Concepts Shampol is a 4-in-1 car shampoo that’s designed to clean, rinse-dry, improve gloss and add paint protection! Scholl Concepts Shampol creates a lotus effect that aids in the removal of water on the surface. As you rinse your vehicle, a minimal amount of water is left on the surface, making it considerably easier to dry. Scholl Concepts is known as a pioneer in the industry and Shampol is a fine example of their ingenuity.

Scholl Concepts Shampol is arguably the most advanced car shampoo available. Formulated using paint-nourishing conditioners and gloss-enhancing optical brighteners, Shampol adds a noticeable amount of gloss, slickness and protection after every wash. Your neighbors will think you spent all morning waxing your car!

Lotus Effect
Scholl Concepts developed Shampol as a “self drying” car shampoo. Shampol creates what is known as a lotus effect. After washing and rinsing your vehicle, the water film breaks spontaneously and the vehicle practically dries itself. Thanks to the innovative polymer technology formulated in Shampoo, the thin polymer film settles after drying, adding a substantial amount of gloss after each wash. What more could you ask for in a car shampoo?

Scholl Concepts Shampol creates thick, rich suds that provide lubrication for your wash mitt as it glides across the surface. This helps to significantly reduce the chance of inducing scratches and swirl-marks as you wash. Vehicles that are regularly washed with Shampol will be clean, shiny, swirl-free and well protected!

500 ml. (16.9 ounces)
Made in Germany

Scholl Concepts Shampol Car Shampoo 500 ml.

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Scholl Concepts Shampol Car Shampoo 500 ml.