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SCANGRIP Tripod Multimatch Double

You can’t detail if you can’t see! Get all the light you’ll need!

The Scan Grip Tripod Multimatch Double provides you with plenty of professional-quality illumination to ensure that you can see every fleck and imperfection on your paint! The SCANGRIP Telescoping Tripod will keep your light steady and allow you to look at your paint from any angle. The SCANGRIP Multimatch has long been the absolute best choice for illuminating paint, and now you can get twice the light potential!

This Kit Includes:

SCANGRIP Telescoping Tripod
SCANGRIP Telescoping Tripod, manufactured using steel construction and finished with a high-quality powder coating, securely attaches to your SCANGRIP Multimatch light to bring your work space illuminations to new heights. With a maximum height of 10 feet, SCANGRIP Telescoping Tripod is a great choice for lighting hardware in your detailing garage or shop.

SCANGRIP Multimatch
SCANGRIP Multimatch is a powerful work light designed to brighten up your workspace with its powerful 2000 lumen, LED, and ultra-high CRI LED bulbs. It’s about as close you’re going to get to the sun – inside! SCANGRIP Multimatch is rechargeable and features a two-step operating system that allows you to adjust to your specific needs. The die cast aluminum housing is curved, protecting the fragile glass bulb should it ever be dropped. You can finally get rid of those old floodlights and upgrade your detailing garage to the SCANGRIP Multimatch system!
Use SCANGRIP Multimatch to illuminate lower panels by placing on the floor, or the entire panel by mounting on the SCANGRIP Tripod!

Included in this kit:
1 x SCANGRIP Telescoping Tripod
2 x SCANGRIP Multimatch

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SCANGRIP Tripod Multimatch Double

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SCANGRIP Tripod Multimatch Double