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SCANGRIP Multimatch Tripod Single

SCANGRIP Multimatch Tripod SingleFor increased height of your Multimach work light!

SCANGRIP Multimatch Tripod Single combines the powerful SCANGRIP Multimatch with a heavy duty tripod for increased versatility. Perfect for use in detail shots, SCANGRIP Tripod boosts your Multimatch’s height to 10 feet! Illuminate your entire detailing workspace and increase your productivity with this combination SCANGRIP Multimatch Tripod Single.
SCANGRIP Multimatch Tripod Single adjusts up to 10 feet in height, illuminating your entire workspace with just one lamp!

Good lighting is a must in detailing – whether you’re doing it for fun or as a profession, sub-par lighting can cause more problems than not. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to miss some slight imperfections while detailing, giving you an imperfect finish. Brighten up your work space, and bring those hidden imperfections out of hiding with the SCANGRIP Multimatch.

SCANGRIP Multimatch is the largest light available in the SCANGRIP line-up. Generally used for exterior, far away work, SCANGRIP Multimatch can easily be transported inside the vehicle for close-ups on interior work. Two settings allow you to adjust your lighting mode depending on your needs. Easily planted on its own using the built in adjustable base, or combined with the SCANGRIP Tripod, SCANGRIP Multimatch is versatile enough for whatever environment you’re in!

The SCANGRIP Tripod is made of a durable steel construction and finished with a high quality powder coat. The lightweight tripod is easily to move and maneuver, allowing you to adjust your lighting on the move. Because it is a tripod rather than a traditional stand, you are easily able to fold the legs up and store.

SCANGRIP Multimatch Tripod Single gives the user the ability to have increased lighting in any situation. For an all over spot light, extend the SCANGRIP Tripod up to its highest setting and get a broad overview. For a more focused beam, adjust the Tripod lower and use your SCANGRIP Multimatch to hone in on the inspection area.
Use SCANGRIP Multimatch to illuminate lower panels by placing on the floor, or the entire panel by mounting on the SCANGRIP Tripod!
Regardless of if you’re using this in a detail shop, an auto body shop, or just as increased lighting in your garage, you can’t go wrong with the SCANGRIP Multimatch Tripod Single!

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