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Scangrip Essential Detailing Kit

Find the imperfections before removing them for good!

The Scangrip Essential Detailing Kit contains (you guessed it!), all of the essential tools you need to quickly find and identify paint imperfections before removing them from the surface. Featuring 3 different Scangrip lights that perfectly illuminate not only your vehicle’s surface, but also the surrounding areas, the Scangrip Essential Detailing Kit will help you ensure your paint is perfect! Whether you’re a professional detailer or a detailing enthusiast, first finding the imperfections before removing them is key – and the Scangrip Essential Detailing Kit can help you!

Scangrip Essential Detailing Kit includes:

With the overwhelming success of the original SCANGRIP Sunmatch, it seemed impossible to improve on this effective swirl-finder light. SCANGRIP, being the perfectionist that they are, somehow found new and improved features that they included in the production of their latest swirl-finder light, The SCANGRIP Minimatch II. With many new features and even more improvements on existing features, the SCANGRIP Minimatch II will ensure that you are able to get perfect clarity on every scratch, swirl, and fleck of dust on your paint!

SCANGRIP Multimatch R
If you are a professional detailer that frequently details cars inside, the SCANGRIP Multimatch R will allow you to bring the swirl-finding potential of the sun right to your garage! With 5 different levels of brightness and correlated color temperature, the SCANGRIP Multimatch R can be tuned to meet your exact detailing needs. The SCANGRIP Multimatch R can be run continuously for up to 14 hours, giving you plenty of time to complete multiple full details without losing light. The SCANGRIP Multimatch R is also extremely resilient to dust, water, and drops. The SCANGRIP Multimatch R is the perfect tool for any professional detailer or serious detailing enthusiast!

The SCANGRIP I-Match II will give you the invaluable ability to look for swirls and scratches on your paint surface on the fly without ever needing to put your polisher down! With an extremely high illuminance and a correlated color temperature, the SCANGRIP I-Match II will allow you to see even the most minute scratches and swirls in any type of paint. The SCANGRIP I-Match II has a durable, water-proof casing that will ensure that you never have to worry about damaging it while you are working. The long battery life and short recharge time of the SCANGRIP I-Match II will make sure you are never left in the dark while detailing!

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Scangrip Essential Detailing Kit

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Scangrip Essential Detailing Kit