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Rolite Metal Polish Bundle #2

Rolite Metal Polish Bundle #2

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Everything you need to polish wheels to a brilliant shine by hand!

Rolite Metal Polish is a one-step polish for all types of bare metals, chrome, fiberglass, and Plexiglas. This acid-free, environmentally friendly metal polish removes oxidation and discoloration to leave a brilliant shine. With this specially priced bundle, you get the tube of Rolite, two microfiber applicators, and an All Purpose Microfiber Towel!

Rolite Metal Polish is probably best known by airplane and RV enthusiasts, who have been using Rolite for years to polish aluminum Airstream trailers and aircraft. For your vehicle, Rolite Metal Polish is excellent at cleaning and shining aluminum and chrome wheels and trim. Rolite leaves an incredible mirror bright shine that others can’t help but notice!

Bundle includes:

3 oz. Rolite Metal Polish
Rolite Metal Polish is a non-acidic paste that safely removes stains and rust from nearly all metals and restores the like-new shine. It eliminates discoloration with its own proprietary ingredients plus the rubbing action of either your hand or a machine. The results speak for themselves!

2 Deluxe Microfiber Applicators
The Orange Microfiber Applicators are made of a 70/30 blend of polyester and polyamide, respectively. The higher percentage of polyamide gives the applicator a soft, plush texture that pampers any surface it touches. This soft microfiber fabric is made of a split weave that is more absorbent than any flat weave microfiber. The inner foam pad maximizes absorption so any product you’re applying goes on streak-free. The pads are covered with tiny microfiber loops that grab dust and lint with a positive electric charge.

1 All Purpose Microfiber Towels(16 x 16 inches)
Constructed of the finest quality microfibers the Detailing Towel sets the standard with an outstanding 80/20 blend of polyester/polyamide filament, woven so densely they boast over 200,000 strands of fiber per square inch of fabric! These strands are nearly invisible to the naked eye, and are 100 times smaller than a human hair! Use this cloth for cleaning, buffing, and wiping away wax.

Apply Rolite Metal Polish with a Deluxe Microfiber Applicator to get even application and a scratch-free finish. We’ve included two 70/30 microfiber applicator pads in this bundle. If you’re polishing a big project, you may need an extra pad on hand if the first becomes soiled. Each pad can be washed and reused.

Use Rolite very sparingly. Rub in a circular motion until a black residue appears. Buff the surface to brilliant shine using the included All Purpose Microfiber Towel. This 80/20 microfiber towel will do a great job of removing all residues and it will not scratch any surface. It has the grip necessary to remove the black residue, which is grime and oxidation the polish has lifted from the metal. Flip the towel and buff the metal to a bright shine.

Use Rolite Metal Polish to polish wheels, metal trim, motorcycle components, boat railings, and fiberglass surfaces. Rolite is safe and effective on brass, copper, bronze, platinum, aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, magnesium, gold, nickel, and more. All polishable metals will gleam! Also use Rolite Metal Polish on fiberglass and Plexiglas. The nonabrasive polish will remove oxidation and uncover the true color of these surfaces. Use Rolite on your boat, airplane, RV, or vehicle for a crisp, clean shine.

The Rolite Metal Polish Bundle #2 gives you the applicators and towel you need at less than retail. Save on the products you need and get beautiful, gleaming metal, too!

Bundle #2 includes:
3 oz. Rolite Metal Polish
2 Deluxe Microfiber Applicators
1 All Purpose Microfiber Towel

A total retail value of $25.96. Save $7.97!

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Rolite Metal Polish Bundle #2