Res-Q-Me Auto Escape Tools

The resqme tool: A must-have for all motorists!

The Res-Q-Me tool is an innovative auto escape tool that can break through auto glass and cut through a stuck seatbelt in the event of an emergency. This unique tool is small and lightweight, yet still harbors all of the lifesaving, glass-breaking and seatbelt cutting power necessary when a vehicle becomes submerged, or otherwise inoperable. The compact design stays conveniently on your key ring so that you can be prepared when seconds count! In 2003, after the resounding success of the LifeHammer emergency escape tool, the Res-Q-Me tool was born. The original LifeHammer was highly successful, yet lacked the compact portability that many motorists desired. The Res-Q-Me tool's compact design is tailored to meet those needs while providing the same peace of mind that its big brother does. In addition to the Res-Q-Me tool, Res-Q-Me has expanded its line to include several lifesaving first-aid style kits to keep you prepared in nearly any emergency situation.