Reflectix Flex Shade SunShield by Covercraft

Covercraft's convenient roll-type sun shade!

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Protect your interior from the sun's harsh rays and high temperatures! Hours upon hours of mid day rays beat down mercilessly and are magnified as they pass through the windshield onto your dash, your seats and your carpet. Interior temperatures soar! Over time this causes drying, hardening and cracking of vinyl, rubber, and leather. Cloth and carpet fade and dull. Once the sun does its damage, it's done. No product or professional can reverse it. And, stepping into an oven and planting your behind on a scalding seat isn't much fun either. The Reflectix Sunshade rolls up and stores neatly in its optional storage bag.The Reflectix SunShield provides protection from sun-inflicted deterioration and keeps your interior temperatures low. It's lightweight, easy to use and it reflects away up to 97% of UV radiation, keeping your interior safe and beautiful!

Custom fit, easy to use, and easy to store! The high-performance Reflectix SunShield is constructed of metallic laminate on each side of an air-encapsulated bubble pack. It's made by Covercraft, the same company that makes the best car covers anywhere. You can be sure the quality is first rate in anything they put their name on. Over 400 patterns of the Reflectix SunShield assures a perfect fit. There's probably one that matches your particular car, truck, SUV or mini van's windshield.

This is not one of those sun shades that you have to rig into place and ends up falling away from the windshield providing no protection and all hassle.

Installation of your SunShield is simple. No hardware is needed. Unroll the SunShield, position it across the windshield surface and fold the sun visors down to keep it securely in place. When you're ready to drive, just remove it, roll it up and away you go! I'd suggest getting the optional storage bag to keep your Reflectix SunShield safe and neat between uses. Whether stowing it in the back seat or trunk overnight, or stashing it away in the garage or attic for the long, cold winter it's handy to have to keep it in a like-new condition for many years!

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