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P&S Secondary Bottles

P&S Secondary BottlesMake your detailing convenient, practical, AND safe

The P&S Secondary Bottles are perfect for professional detailers whether they are mobile or have their own garage! The P&S Secondary Bottles give you a sturdy and reliable secondary bottle to use all the products you buy in bulk! By clearly labeling which product is in it, The P&S Secondary Bottles make it extremely easy to make sure that you are using the correct product by just glancing at the bottle! Not to mention, the P&S Secondary Bottles make being OSHA compliant a breeze by meeting all the requirements of a secondary bottle without any work on your part!

If you are a professional detailer, you are probably buying your P&S products in bulk gallon sizes to both save money and prevent having to order new products as frequently. While that is a very good practice, the only downside is that your P&S products don't come in a convenient, ready to use bottle! This is where the P&S Secondary Bottles can save you A LOT of hassle! This sturdy bottle is the perfect choice to pour your gallon into so you can actually use them!

When you are detailing a customer's car, you need to work quickly and efficiently to maximize your profits. On top of that, the consequences of accidently using the wrong product on the wrong surface can have some serious consequences. Rather than guessing and hoping that the label-less bottle you are using contains what you think it does, just take the guess work out entirely! The P&S Secondary Bottles tell you exactly what is in the bottle at a glance! No need to label it yourself. You don't have to try and remember what the color of the liquid is. Simply look at the P&S Secondary Bottles and you'll know exactly what you're using!

For those of you who work in a shop and employ other detailers, you are probably aware of the OSHA requirements surrounding secondary bottles. But, if you don't here they are:

  1. The identity of the chemical and appropriate hazard warnings must be shown on the label.
  2. The hazard warning must provide users with an immediate understanding of the primary health and/or physical hazard(s) of the hazardous chemical through the use of words, pictures, symbols, or any combination of these elements.
  3. The name and address of the manufacturer, importer or other responsible party must be included on the label.
  4. The hazard label message must be legible, permanently displayed and written in English.
Rather than trying to search for all the information and write it out on every bottle in your shop, just make it easy on yourself! The P&S Secondary Bottles meets all of those requirements without any effort on your part! Just fill the bottle and you're good to go!

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