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Dual-Action Hook & Loop Flexible Backing Plate by Lake Country

Dual-Action Hook & Loop Flexible Backing Plate by Lake CountryThe best backing plates for the Porter Cable 7424 Dual Action Polisher!

If German car makers think this backing plate is good enough to use on their top-of-the-line vehicles, you can bet it is the best plate you can buy for your vehicle. BMW and Mercedes-Benz both hail these backing plates as the best because of the outstanding properties of molded urethane. These Dual-Action Flexible Backing Plates minimize heat transfer, flex to hug your vehicle’s curves, and are built to last. And they are the best backing plates you can buy for the Porter Cable 7424 Dual-Action Polisher.

All of our Flexible Dual Action Backing Plates offer these outstanding features:

  • VELCRO® brand hook & loop fasteners molded into the polyurethane to prevent separation while polishing
  • Polyurethane construction to dampen vibration and reduce the transfer of heat from the polisher
  • The core of the plate is reinforced with steel struts to maintain balance and apply even pressure to the pad
  • The plated steel screw fits any polisher accomodating a 5/16” thread, like the Porter Cable 7424 XP.
  • The beveled edge prevents contact between the plate and the paint surface when the polisher is tilted.

    LC-43-073DA Dual Action 3 Inch Flexible Backing Plate
    The 3 Inch DA Backing Plate is designed to offer perfect balance and support for 3.5 inch foam pads. The actual diameter is 2 7/8 inches, so the plate is recessed back from the edge of the pad slightly for safety. Use this backing plate with your Griot's Garage G8 Mini Random Orbital Polisher. This backing plate is perfect for use with 3 inch or 3.5 inch pads, such as the 3.5 Inch Lake Country CCS Pads, the 3.5 Inch Lake Country Flat Pads, or the 3 Inch Buff and Shine Uro-Tech Pads.

    LC-43-085DA Dual Action 3.5 Inch Flexible Backing Plate
    A smaller version of our 5 and 6 inch plates, this 3.5 inch backing plate is designed for our 4 inch Lake Country Hydro Tech pads. The 3.5 inch plate has a 5/16” threaded post that screws directly into the Porter Cable 7424 and most other Dual Action polishers. Use any of the Spot Buffs pads, Lake Country 4 inch pads, or Cyclo 4 inch pads to correct small areas of paint or to polish particular spots.

    LC-43-125DA Dual Action 5 Inch Hook & Loop Flexible Backing Plate
    Use this plate with 5.5 inch or 6.5 inch pads. The plate is large enough to stabilize the pad, but small enough to provide an adequate buffer zone between the edge of the foam and the edge of the plate. The 5 inch backing plate is ideal for the Porter Cable 7424. Use any of our Low Profile 5.5 inch pads with this plate.

    LC-43-148DA Dual Action 6 inch Hook & Loop Flexible Backing Plate
    The 6 inch plate is ideal for the 6.5 inch and 7.5 inch Lake Country pads. This plate is the intended size for the Porter Cable 7424 Dual Action Polisher. The 6 inch plate allows you to use a larger pad to cover more area without sacrificing stability.

    These backing plates are designed to fit most dual action polishers including the Porter Cable 7424XP, Meguiars G110v2 and the Griots Garage G9 & G8 random orbital polishers.

    Made by Lake Country Manufacturing.

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