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Polish Angel Viking Spritz

Polish Angel Viking SpritzImpeccable shine and protection!

Polish Angel Viking Spritz was originally designed for use in the frigid Nordic countries to provide an incredible level off gloss and protection to the carís located there. The Silica in Polish Angel Viking Spritz will create a durable protective layer that will resist corrosion. The Titanium Dioxide in Polish Angel Viking Spritz will improve the color transparency of your carís paint and provide an intense shine. Polish Angel Viking Spritz will not leave any residue on the plastic surfaces of your car, allowing you to spray freely.

One of the harshest environments in the world for a carís paint is the environment found in the Nordic Countries. These countries experience temperatures well below freezing during the winter months. Temperatures of this nature bring many more hazards to your paint than you will face in other climates. Polish Angel set out to protect vehicles in the Nordic climates from suffering from these intense and dangerous hazards, and they succeeded greatly in this mission with the production of Polish Angel Viking Spritz. Due to Polish Angel Viking Spritz ability to protect in these extraordinarily harsh conditions, you can rest assured that it will be able to protect your paint no matter where you live.

Polish Angel Viking Spritz owes the incredible protection ability it has to the high quantity of Silica that is contained in its formula. The Silica in Polish Angel Viking Spritz creates an extremely hard protective layer once it is dry. This layer of protection is capable of effectively protecting your carís paint from a wide range of hazards that it will face. Polish Angel Viking Spritz will protect you paint from Acid corrosion, environmental contaminants, and many other hazards your paint is subject to.

Not only will Polish Angel Viking Spritz protect your paint, it will also provide your paint will and extremely high gloss and shine. The Titanium Dioxide in Polish Angel Viking Spritz is the main ingredient in providing such an exemplary look. Titanium Dioxide has an incredibly high refractive index, which allows it to intensify the light traveling through it. This high level of light intensity means that the color of your carís paint is seen much more clearly and more vibrantly than ever before.

When applying a spray finishing product, one of the major concerns would typically be making sure that none of the product gets on your plastic surfaces. Due to the porousness of plastic, most products will be absorbed by the plastic and will not bond well, causing an unsightly crust to form on the plastic. Due to the unique formula of Polish Angel Viking Spritz it will not dry to a crust or leave any residue behind if some of it gets onto your plastic surfaces.

Shake Polish Angel Viking Spritz well prior to application. Spray a sparing amount of Polish Angel Viking Spritz to your paintís surface or to a clean microfiber towel. Wipe Polish Angel Viking Spritz onto the paint until it is applied thinly and evenly. Buff off any remaining residue using a separate, clean microfiber towel.

200 ml.