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Polish Angel Sprayduster Active

Thicker formula attracts dust better than traditional quick detailers!

Polish Angel Sprayduster Active is designed as a more effective alternative to traditional quick detailers for use on show cars or competition cars. Polish Angel Sprayduster Active is made with a thicker formula than standard quick detailers, which allows it to attract dust, hair, and small particles better than the waterier quick detailers can. Polish Angel Sprayduster Active is slicker than most quick detailers as well, allowing you to remove particles from your paint without worry of marring your paint in the process. Polish Angel Sprayduster Active can also be used as a drying aid to reduce the risk of water spots. On top of all of that, Polish Angel Sprayduster Active can also be used on glass, aluminum, vinyl, plastic, and more!

No matter how well kept your car is, it will inevitably encounter one of the worst shine killers known to car-kind. Dust. Nothing can break up the nice even shine you have spent hours working on like a thin layer of dust. Does this mean you should be washing your car twice a day to ensure that dust is never given enough time to build up in a thick film? No, of course not! When it comes to dust removal, a quick detailer is a very powerful alternative to washing your car obsessively. And when it comes to dust removal, no quick detailer is better at it than Polish Angel Sprayduster Active. Made with an incredibly thick formula, Polish Angel Sprayduster Active will attract the dust, hair and other particles and life them off of your paint, allowing you to safely and quickly wipe them away without fear of scratches or marring. Now you can stop washing your car constantly to avoid the shine killing dust it collects.

When you do need to wash your car, one of the most difficult aspects of doing so is avoiding water spots after you’re done. Polish Angel Sprayduster Active can be used as a drying agent after you have washed your car to ensure that the water dries up quickly, effectively reducing your risk of water spots popping up on your perfectly polished paint.

It’s not just your paint that Polish Angel Sprayduster Active can be used on either. Whether you have dust or other light particles built-up on your plastic, vinyl, aluminum, or glass, Polish Angel Sprayduster Active can remove it just as effectively as if it were paint.

With a product as effective and versatile as Polish Angel Sprayduster Active, you’ll never have to wash your car more than once a week!

500 mL.

Polish Angel Sprayduster Active

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Polish Angel Sprayduster Active