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Polish Angel Diver

Keeps your glass protected and crystal clear!

Polish Angle Diver will eliminate streaks, smudges, and spots from your glass’s surface and leave behind a perfectly clear surface to maximize your visibility while driving. Polish Angle Diver will also leave a protective layer behind to prevent your glass from becoming smudged and unsightly in the future. Polish Angle Diver will bead and even repel water from your glass’s surface, increasing your visibility while it’s raining. Polish Angle Diver can also be used to clean PVC, glass headlights, plastic, rubber, and chrome surfaces on your vehicle.

Glass visibility is crucially important while driving. If you are unable to see while you are driving, you open yourself up to a serious risk of possible car accidents. Finding a glass cleaner that is able to effectively remove streaks, smudges, and spots from your glass without leaving behind an equally large number of streaks in their place. Polish Angle Diver was designed with a streak-free design in mind. Polish Angle Diver is formulated with a combination of chemicals that specifically target the build-up of the factors that cause streaking during the application process.

Cleaning your glass, while very important, is completely futile if your glass is just going to be covered in streaks again a day later. Polish Angle Diver is designed to combat this issue by leaving behind a durable layer of protection on your glass after application that will protect your glass from dirt, dust, and other contamination. By preparing your glass to deflect these materials, the occurrence of streaks, smudges, and spots are reduced drastically.

While the glass on your car was specifically designed to protect you and your interior from the water, it can be pretty troublesome when it actually has to do its job. The constant build-up of mist and dew on your glass not only degrades your car’s overall look, but also drastically diminishes your ability to see where you are going. The layer of protection that Polish Angle Diver leaves behind also brings with it a wonderful water beading and sheeting effect that will prevent water from sitting on your glass surface.

While Polish Angle Diver was initially designed to be used on glass, it can also be used on a wide number of other surfaces on your car. Polish Angle Diver will be able to apply the same cleaning and protection capabilities to the chrome, PVC, plastic, and rubber surfaces on your car.

100 mL.

Polish Angel Diver

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Polish Angel Diver