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Polish Angel Cristal

Restores your glass to like new condition!

Polish Angel Cristal will remove any silicon molds, burns, streaks, wax residue, and weathering from your glass surfaces. Polish Angel Cristal does not contain any silicone or ammonia, ensuring your glass surface is properly cleaned and residue free after use. Polish Angel Cristal has a dust-free polishing process to ensure quick and easy clean up. Polish Angel Cristal will leave an anti-static effect behind to help deflect the build-up of dust and dirt on your glass. Polish Angel Cristal will not leave any residue on your plastic surfaces, allowing you a much more stress-free application process.

Although glass is a much tougher surface than the majority of your car’s surface, it is still subject to the same barrage of harmful contaminants and hazards that every other surface is subjected to. Your glass may not be as easily damaged as your other surfaces, but it shows the damage it does acquire much more easily due to its transparent nature. When your glass is riddled with scratches, streaks, and burns, your visibility is severely reduced and your ability to drive your care is reduced greatly as well. Making sure your glass is properly taken care of is crucial to safely operating your car. Polish Angel Cristal will allow you to take your streaked and scratched glass surfaces back to the perfectly clear state they were at when you bought your car.

Polish Angel Cristal contains no silicones or ammonia in its formula. The lack of these two ingredients allows Polish Angel Cristal to always provide a truly clear finish to your glass. These two chemicals only serve to hide imperfections instead of correcting them and leaving troublesome residue behind after application.

Polish Angel Cristal has very creamy formula that will allow for quick and easy application. This creamy consistency also greatly reduces the amount of dust produced by Polish Angel Cristal. With less dusting during the application of Polish Angel Cristal you will not have to spend nearly as much time cleaning off the surface once you are finished polishing your glass.

Polish Angel Cristal will also leave behind an anti-static effect that will break up the static connection between your glasses surface and dust and other light contamination. Once the static connection is broken, the likely hood of your glass acquiring a new layer of annoying dust is greatly reduced.

You don’t have to worry about taping off your plastic surfaces while using Polish Angel Cristal. Polish Angel Cristal will not leave behind any residue on your plastic surfaces. You can polish your paint to perfection with freedom while using Polish Angel Cristal!


Polish Angel Cristal

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Polish Angel Cristal