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Polish Angel Basics Kit

Takes your paint from faulty to flawless in 3 steps!

Polish Angel Master Kit contains three incredible products from Polish Angel that are guaranteed to provide impeccable results for your paint each step of the way. Polish Angel Glissante shampoo will thoroughly clean your paint surface of troublesome dirt, dust, and other contaminants to reveal the beautiful paint underneath. Polish Angel Esclate Lotion will cleanse your paint of impurities and old waxes and even eliminate light scratches and swirls, perfecting your paint and prepping it for the final sealant. Polish Angel Master Sealant is the perfect finishing product that will provide your paint with a seamless wet, glossy shine and thoroughly protect your paint for up to 12 months.

Polish Angel Glissante shampoo and its PH neutral formula will ensure that your paint is thoroughly cleansed with a gentle, non-corrosive combination of cleaner agents and polymers. The polymers in Polish Angel Glissante Shampoo’s formula also act as drying agents, drying around 90% of the water and reducing the risk of water spots occurring after you have washed your car. The high concentration of Polish Angel Glissante Shampoo allows you to use only one ounce of product for an entire wash, saving you money in the long run.

Polish Angel Esclate Lotion will remove small impurities from your paint’s surface, restoring your paint’s luster and improving the intensity of its color. Unlike other similar products, Polish Angel Esclate Lotion does not contain fillers, will actually eliminate light scratches and swirls instead of just filling them in temporarily. Polish Angel Esclate Lotion will also remove old waxes and polishing oils form your paint, effectively prepping it for the application of a new sealant, coating, or wax.

Polish Angel Master Sealant will provide impenetrable protection to your vehicle’s paint for up to 12 months. Made with exceptional polymers, Polish Angel Master Sealant will give your paint a rich, deep gloss that is sure to impress even the harshest critic. Polish Angel Master Sealant will effectively protect your paint from a wide range of environmental contaminants and even harmful UV rays, allowing you to drive your car without worrying about that harmful substances it is being exposed to.

If you are looking for a kit that will be able to take your car from a mess to mesmerizing, look no further than the Polish Angel Master Kit.

Polisher Angel Master Sealant application directions:
Polish Angel Master Sealant should be applied out of direct sunlight to a dry, cool surface. Use a foam applicator to apply a thin layer of product to the vehicle. Allow Polish Angel Master Sealant 20 minutes to cure before buffing it off with a clean, dry microfiber towel. If you would like to add a second layer, do so within 30 minutes of buffing off the first layer. Let your vehicle sit out of direct sunlight for 2 hours to ensure Polish Angel Master Sealant bonds to the paint surface properly.

Polish Angel Basics Kit

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Polish Angel Basics Kit