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The Pinnacle Advantage

The Pinnacle Advantage
Science and nature in harmony. That’s not just a slogan – it’s the cornerstone of the Pinnacle Natural Brilliance line of premium car care products. All Pinnacle products are formulated with the finest natural ingredients expertly blended with modern polymer technology. The results are products of unsurpassed quality and performance.

When you use any Pinnacle product, you are not only enhancing your vehicle’s appearance, you are nourishing and protecting its surfaces. In the long run, a vehicle treated with Pinnacle will maintain its youthful appearance and resist the hazards of the road.

Nature’s finest ingredients.

Pinnacle Products are lovingly crafted with natural ingredients. We use coconut oils for shampooing, citrus oils for cleaning and lanolin for conditioning. To protect your car's finish, we chose carnauba wax.

Carnauba is nature's hardest, purest and most transparent wax. It is derived from the "Tree of Life" (Corernica Cerifera), native to northern Brazil. Each summer, a thick yellow wax is extracted from the plant's leaves. The wax is poured into wooden molds and allowed to harden under the hot Brazilian sun. Government inspectors then grade each carnauba brick according to color and purity. The highest quality carnauba is rated #1 Grade Yellow carnauba for our waxes.

The Latest Surface Enhancement Science.

Natural carnauba is incredibly hard. It comes off the leaves in flakes and must undergo extensive processing to become the buttery wax found in every jar of Pinnacle Souveran and Pinnacle Signature Series II.

We start with #1 Grade Yellow Carnauba and refine it a second time. This changes the wax's pale yellow color to ivory, as the last remaining impurities are removed. The result is Ivory Carnauba, a super-pure wax with unsurpassed clarity. We use only Ivory Carnauba in Pinnacle waxes.

Once the carnauba is refined to its utmost purity, our chemist goes to work, finessing the wax with modern polymers that enable the wax to bond to the paint surface. These polymers allow the wax to last longer than it can in its natural state.

Please note: There is a notable difference between polymer paint sealants and carnauba waxes that contain polymers. Paint sealants are made entirely of polymers. Our carnauba waxes are made up of a carnauba-polymer matrix, in which there is a very high concentration of carnauba. The polymers only exist as a bonding agent, but they do not in any way inhibit the performance of the wax. If polymers were not introduced into the natural wax, carnauba would not be suitable for paint protection. It would not last.

In addition to polymers, Pinnacle waxes contain real coconut oil to give the waxes their buttery texture and signature scent.

You can see the results of our dedication in your car's shine.

Old World Craftsmanship.

Pinnacle car care formulas are scientifically developed but produced the old fashioned way. Each product is blended, poured and packaged entirely by hand. Though it may seem old-fashioned, this technique ensures that every jar of wax has the correct consistency, color, and scent before it reaches you, our customer.

A master craftsman verifies and personally signs for the quality of every production run. Only then is the product packaged for shipment. We take pride in carrying this tradition of craftsmanship into the 21st century.