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Permanon Finishes

Permanon Finishes

Permanon is a German manufacturer of state-of-the-art nano coatings for automotive, marine, aeronautical and industrial applications.  Permanon coatings are applied unlike any other wax or sealant; they simply spray on and rinse off.  Permanon coatings don’t require any buffing or polishing and they last months instead of weeks. 

Permanon coatings utilize waterborne nano-engineered particles of Silicium (14Si) that form an electrostatic bond with the surface being protected.  Permanon is the pioneer of such advanced Silicium (14Si) technology and for that reason Permanon coatings will outlast conventional wax and oil-based surface care protection products.  What’s more, Permamon coatings are manufactured strictly as concentrates so instead of paying for products that are already watered down and in a ready-to-use state, you’re getting pure protection that you dilute accordingly for each application. 

Consider this: one liter of Platinum Finish Protection, the most popular product in the Permanon line, makes over eight gallons of ready-to-use solution that can be applied to virtually any hard surface.  When you consider cost per application and the level of protection provided, Permanon coatings are a considerable value versus conventional liquid and paste waxes and sealants. 

Product Spotlight: Permanon Platinum Finish Protection

Permanon Platinum is an easy to use spray and rinse nano coating that provides long lasting protection on all hard automotive finishesPlatinum Finish Protection is the most popular product in the Permanon line.  Permanon Platinum is a simple spray and rinse nano coating that creates a durable silicium shell that produces a brilliant shine and long-lasting protection on all hard surfaces.  Surfaces protected with Permanon Platinum take on properties that are virtually identical to hardened glass; microscopic pores and pits in paint and other hard surfaces where dirt typically accumulates will be coated so your vehicle will be much easier to clean and maintain.

Permanon Platinum bonds on a nano-level so it acts to preserve the original surface being protected.  Permanon Platinum is a highly effective water and dirt repellent that lasts while being resistant to nearly all acids, alkaline solutions and solvents, keeping your vehicle clean and protected through any circumstance. 

Permanon Platinum Finish Protection will give your vehicle’s paintwork the highest gloss in the Permanon line.  When used on hard interior surfaces, Permanon Platinum will impart a smooth, tactile feel.  Permanon Platinum will provide the best protection possible for your vehicle’s interior and exterior surfaces.