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PennGrade Euro Elite 5W40 Case

PennGrade Euro Elite 5W40 Case For a limited time only, receive an 8 oz. Plastic Funnel and 5 qty. Blue Shop Towels FREE with your purchase!

Designed specifically for late model European vehicles!

PennGrade Euro Elite 5W40 is a full synthetic motor oil that has been specifically formulated with the latest high-tech additive technology and premium quality synthetic base oils. Designed to meet the toughest demands of today’s automotive engine technology, PennGrade Euro Elite 5W40 supports the performance qualities of API SL. PennGrade Euro Elite 5W40 ensures quick cold weather engine start up, while protecting vital engine parts to provide excellent resistant to viscosity breakdown and foaming in modern engines.

You’ve already paid a pretty-penny for your European vehicle, make sure you’re giving the best life possible by using the best oil possible. Manufactured using the finest Pennysylvania-grade crude oil, PennGrade Euro Elite 5W40 provides:
PennGrade 1 Motor Oil's power comes from its base: The 100% pure Pennsylvania-grade crude oil, known for it's green color and exceptional ability to cling to metal.
  • Full synthetic formulation to help increase engine life by maintaining oil flow at both high and low temperatures
  • Provide outstanding viscosity stability, superior engine cleaning power, deposit control, and wear protection
  • Combination of synthetic base stocks and unique additives ensures excellent thermal and oxidation stability and outstanding performance during maximum recommended oil drain intervals
  • Excellent low temperature characteristics permit quick engine starting in cold weather and promptly delivers oil to vital metal parts, maximizing engine life.
  • Contains anti-foam agents that permit higher oil pressure for greater protection.
PennGrade Euro Elite 5W40 is designed for late model European high performance engines and supports the API Performance Requirements of: ACEA A3/C3-12, API SN, BMW LL-04, MB229.51, and VW50200.

For modern and classic model European vehicles, please see the PennGrade Elite 5W40.

This item is only available for ground shipment to the contiguous 48 states.

32 oz. (1 quart)


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