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Outlet Microfiber and Foam Pads

Outlet Microfiber and Foam PadsQuantities are extremely limited.

The rule of thumb when you are buffing out your car is to use one pad per panel. A car can have anywhere from 6-12 panels! So chances are, you are going through quite a bit of pads as you are buffing the washing swirls out of your paint. With the need for that many pads, you will be spending A TON of money on pads throughout your detailing endeavors!

That is why we either sought out pad manufactures that could source "budget" pads or provide us with old models of pads. We are able to get these pads at a cheaper price than the other pads we carry, so we can sell them for a cheaper price as well!

If you need to keep your pad stock up and don't want to trade an are and a leg to do so, check out some of these outlet pads!

Be warned though, because these pads are no longer being manufactured, once we run out, we can't get any more! Buy quickly!
Buff and Shine Microfiber Finishing Pad - 4 Inch
Our Price:  $7.99
Sale price:  $4.75
CCS Gold 8.5" Super Soft Gold Jewelling Foam Pad
Our Price:  $12.99
Sale price:  $10.95