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P21S Trigger Sprayer Hose

P21S Trigger Sprayer Hose

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Designed with the smart and savvy enthusiast in mind, the multi-application nozzle hose will distribute P21S products with ease.

P21S, a leader in German car care, has an answer to preventing physical problems that can arise from strenuous bending during detailing. The P21S Trigger Spray Hose is an ingenious product that is ergonomic and 6ft. in length, which provides an ample amount of hose to end the days of bending over. This hose will allow for the cleaning of two wheels at once, as the container of cleaner will not have to be re-adjusted.Here are some of the additional reasons this clever hose will make detailing easier:

No More Pain.Bending over during detailing causes a variety of problems, including back pain, joint pain, and stiffness. These ailments, when not treated, can lead to arthritic conditions. The P21S Trigger Spray Hose eliminates muscle and joint pain from bending. The 6ft hose provides enough length to extend the cleaning area while also preventing body pain.

Designed for 5 Liter Jugs. The P21S Trigger Spray Hose is the perfect accessory to 5 liter jugs of P21S Regular and Gel Products. This hose was designed to allow for optimum product distribution, be it a fine mist spray for light applications or a full stream for heavy-duty detailing needs. Simply adjust the nozzle of the hose to choose the setting that is right for the job at hand, and the hose will distribute product accordingly.

German Design. The P21S product line includes wheel cleaners, car wax, and detailing supplies that are unparallel to many other companies in the car care industry. The P21S Trigger Spray Hose is the ultimate accessory if you are a P21S fan, as it makes product distribution a science, allowing for precise and comprehensive detailing. This reflects upon the P21S tradition of perfection in every product they make, which itself is a reflection of the quality craftsmanship attributed to German culture.

P21S Trigger Spray Hose measures 6ft in length.

Manufactured in Germany.

This item cannot be shipped to Europe or the UAE.
P21S Trigger Sprayer Hose