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Optimum Foam Finishing 8 Inch Pads

Optimum Foam Finishing 8 Inch Pads

Create a flawless finish using Optimum Hyper Polish Spray!

Optimum Foam Finishing 8 Inch Pads are designed to optimize your results with Optimum Hyper Polish Spray. This smooth 100 ppi foam pad eliminates swirls and minor imperfections on all types of paint. Use the Optimum Foam Finishing 8 Inch Single Sided or Double Sided Pad with your rotary polisher and Optimum Hyper Polish to achieve professional results.

The Optimum Foam Finishing 8 Inch Pads are part of a complete polish system including Optimum Hyper Compound, applied with a 100% Twisted Wool 8 Inch Pad, followed by Optimum Hyper Polish, applied with a Optimum Foam Finishing 8 Inch Pad. This two step system consists of the only commercially produced SPRAY car polishes.

Optimum Hyper Compound and Hyper Polish with Optimum buffing pads.
Optimum Foam Finishing Pads are part of Optimum's complete polishing system.

Optimum Hyper Compound Spray and Optimum Hyper Polish Spray were both developed to streamline the process of buffing out new vehicles at a major auto plant. The spray application of each polish enables it to disperse evenly over the pad to prevent dry buffing and to promote uniform polishing. These revolutionary polishes produce no dust, do not sling, and are simple to clean-up - what more could a detailer ask for? How about the right pads to make the process even easier.

The Optimum Foam Finishing 8 Inch Pads are made with 100 pores per inch of reticulated foam. This soft, smooth foam is perfect for applying Optimum Hyper Polish, or any fine polish, and buffing the paint to a deep shine. The soft foam conforms to the curves of your vehicle to eliminate any imperfections and render a deep, uniform shine.

Optimum Foam Finishing 8 Inch Pads are available in two varieties:

Single-sided Foam Pad - The single sided 8 inch pad has secure hook and loop fasteners. Use it with a 7 inch flexible backing plate on your high speed rotary polisher. A centering hole enables you to center the pad on the backing plate to prevent wobbling and ensure an even finish.   Double-sided Foam Pad - The double sided 8 inch pad attaches to your rotary polisher using Optimum's Double Sided Pad Adapter. The adapter is threaded into the center of the pad, ensuring that the pad stays perfectly balanced. The double-sided pad gives you twice the usable foam in a single pad.

Optimum Single Sided Foam Finishing 8 Inch Pad

  Optimum Double Sided Foam Finishing Pad

Optimum Foam Finishing 8 Inch Pads are made to be used with Optimum Hyper Polish Spray but you'll enjoy their performance with any finishing polish. The soft, porous foam gently polishes your vehicle to an impeccable shine. And since the foam is imported from Germany, you can depend on Optimum Foam Finishing 8

Inch Pads to deliver excellent results on scratch-resistant clear coats as well as all other finishes.

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