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Oil2Soil Organic Peat Moss Absorbent

The quickest, most cost effective and environmentally friendly absorbent for oil cleanup.

Oil2Soil® Organic Peat Moss Absorbents are extremely effective in absorbing oils and hydrocarbons, while offering savings in areas of time, labor and waste disposal costs. Oil2Soil® is perfect for oil spills, automotive lubricants, garages, shops, and paint spills! Oil2Soil® encapsulates free oils and will not release them back into the environment, leaving a perfectly clean area behind. Oil2Soil® can be used to completely stabilize any oil remediation, eliminating the costs to transport and dispose of those fluids.

Oil2Soil® will not leach and recontaminate an area and passes TCLP test making it environmentally safe to return to the ground. Oil2Soil® meets EPA, OSHA, and ANSI standards. Oil2Soil® requires only ONE POUND per GALLON of oil making it 14 times better than clay absorbents!

Directions for Use:
Spread a small amount of Oil2Soil® directly over the spill.
Allow 2-3 minutes to absorb the spill.
Sweep back and forth towards the center of the spill until surface is clean.
Using a dustpan, pick up and discard according the MSDS of liquid being contained.
If any residue remains, sprinkle a small amount of Oil2Soil® onto the area and work back and forth until free of residue.

Oil2Soil®, must be disposed of in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

Oil2Soil Organic Peat Moss Absorbent

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Oil2Soil Organic Peat Moss Absorbent