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NOCO Genius Battery Chargers

NOCO Genius Battery ChargersThe smartest battery charger you’ve ever seen.

NOCO Genius Battery Chargers are a product developed by a leading manufacturer of battery charges in the world, NOCO. They’ve revolutionized battery related products, producing some of the smartest battery charges in the world. All of their battery related products meet the highest safety standards and use reverse polarity, is spark proof, will not overheat, overcurrent, or overcharge.

The rapid charging technology of the NOCO Genius Batteries will charge batteries 2 times faster than traditional linear battery chargers. All NOCO Genius Battery Chargers are powered by NOCO’s vosFX Processor, which is revolutionary in that it uses sophisticated levels of intelligence and alters the charge process of the battery.

This enables your NOCO Genius Battery Charger to have a high frequency, high efficiency charge and makes for a lightweight charger. All NOCO Genius Battery Chargers have LED indicator lights on the housing, keeping you aware of how your battery charging progress is going.

The NOCO Genius Battery Charges are available in several different voltages and can be used on a variety of different vehicles; from ATV’s to RV’s NOCO Genius Battery Charges will keep you going.