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No Mess Applicator Trio

Clean up your act with No Mess Applicators!

The No Mess Applicators are patent-pending, self-contained foam applicator pads that each come with their own plastic storage case. Apply leather and vinyl dressings, tire dressings, waxes and polishes with the No Mess Applicator Trio. Then seal the No Mess Applicators inside the recycled plastic storage cases.

The No Mess Applicators keep you hands clean while in use with a double foam design. The dense white foam provides a clean, comfortable grip for your hand. The used applicator is neatly stored away in its plastic case until next time. The case keeps the product on the pad from drying out.

The No Mess Applicator Trio contains three applicators with different types of foam for different jobs.

No Mess Wax & Polish Applicator
The soft gray foam is ideal for applying liquid and paste products. It absorbs excess liquid to prevent drips and smears. By using the No Mess Wax & Polish Applicator, you can avoid getting wax or polish on your hand and touching other parts of the car. To use the No Mess Wax & Polish Applicator, lightly dampen it with water. Apply the wax or polish according to the product directions.

No Mess Car Interior Applicator
The absorbent white foam is perfect for applying neat, even coats of interior dressings and protectants. Protect your hands from slippery products. When you’re finished, put the No Mess Tire Applicator back in its no mess storage case to keep the foam from drying out.

No Mess Size Matters Tire Dressing Applicator
The No Mess Size Matters Tire Dressing Applicator takes the mess out of detailing tires! Apply tire dressings neatly and evenly, without getting your hands dirty. This applicator is made of dense but absorbent gray foam.

When you’re finished detailing, store the No Mess Applicators neatly on a shelf or in a cabinet. The plastic storage cases contain the mess!

The No Mess Applicator Trio includes a foam applicator for every detailing job! Keep your clean without making a mess with the No Mess Applicator Trio.

Kit includes:
No Mess Wax & Polish Applicator
No Mess Car Interior Applicator
No Mess Size Matters Tire Dressing Applicator

A total retail value of $14.97. Save $2.98 on all three applicators!

No Mess Applicator Trio

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Finally, No Mess
Works perfect. I add my dressing and then take it with me to the car show. I like the fact there is no glue used to make it. They use a lamination process do the other " bad reviews" are incorrect. Made in America is always good
Perfect gift!!!
My husband loves these and didn't know they had a three pack. Stocking stuffer all the way! For the person below, the applicator is not suppose to be glued to the lid!!
works great
The foam is alot tougher than others on the market. Held up great and I like the fact it has the storage case.
1 time use
Use this applicator once and the foam fell off the plastic housing. Don't waste your money.
I ordered this set of 3 thinking it was a good idea. because a lot of product gets wasted when you are trying to spread product with a new applicator. So if you have a designated applicator stored in a case then after a while you are barely using much more than a drop or two.

Until now I have stored my applicators in ziplock bags. This seemed like a great idea.

Two of the foam applicators came unglued from the foam you hold on to. That was after 2 cars. And no i am not rough or misusing the item. Its just gliding it across the surface as directed.

Its junk. Autogeek is risking tarnishing an IMPECABLE reputation by selling this garbage.

Not happy.