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Nanoskin Rain Glass Sealant 128 oz.

Repels water and provides scratch resistance on glass

Nanoskin Rain Glass Sealant creates a crystal clear, hydrophobic coating on your vehicle’s exterior glass surfaces. Treated glass surfaces exhibit excellent water beading and sheeting, making routine cleaning quick and easy. Formulated using an anti-static polymer, Nanoskin Rain Glass Sealant doesn’t attract dust or dirt. Scratch resistance is also significantly improved thanks to the ultra-slick cross-linking polymers in Nanoskin Rain Glass Sealant.

Nanoskin Rain Glass Sealant is incredibly easy to use. Protecting your glass from rain, sleet, now, and airborne contaminants is as simple as spraying on and wiping off. A single application of Nanoskin Rain Glass Sealant lasts months, not weeks. Your windshield wipers will see significantly less use because Nanoskin Rain Glass Sealant creates such an immense amount of surface tension that water will simply bead up and roll off the glass.

Nanoskin Rain Glass Sealant is one of few products of its type that actually improves the scratch resistance of automotive windshields. Your windshield wipers (when you actually need them!) will glide effortlessly, reducing the chance of scratching from occurring if a piece of dirt or sand is trapped between the blade and the glass.

  1. Ensure surface is thoroughly clean.
  2. Use Nanoskin Rain Prep Glass Activator & Sealer to prepare the glass.
  3. Mist Rain Glass Sealant directly onto the surface.
  4. Quickly distribute product using a lint-free microfiber towel.
  5. Turn to a dry portion of the towel and wipe dry.
  6. Apply a second coat to ensure uniform coverage.
128 oz.

Nanoskin Rain Glass Sealant 128 oz.

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Nanoskin Rain Glass Sealant 128 oz.