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Accutire Pen Style Gauge

Accutire Pen Style GaugeA digital tire gauge with a tread depth indicator.

If a motorcycle is your primary mode of transportation, you want to be sure you are traveling with a safe amount of tread. Since motorcycles do not have a lot of safety features, it’s very important to have enough tread to grip the road. If your tires are beginning to look bare, keep an eye on them with the Accutire Pen Style Tire Gauge. This precision electronic instrument will give you accurate tire pressure and keep a check on worn tread depth.

To measure pressure accurately: Align the nozzle of the tire gauge with the valve stem on your tire. Apply sufficient force to engage the nozzle with the stem, while maintaining a proper pressure seal. As you engage the tire gauge to the valve stem, a sudden surge of air will create a crisp sound. Listen for any leaks, and press firmly on the valve stem to obtain a good seal.

When pressure is applied to the unit, the display with first flash an all segments test, then display the actual pressure. Hold the tire gauge on the valve stem until a reading appears on the display and locks. After reading has locked on the display, remove the tire gauge from the valve stem. The display will remain illuminated with the pressure reading for 10 seconds.

To measure tread depth: First, set the slider to zero. Then, hold the gauge flat against the tread to be measured and push the slider until it meets resistance. Remove the gauge and read the tread depth indicated by the slider.

On a motorcycle, your safety rests on your tires. Monitor the tread depth and pressure with this sleek, compact Accutire Pen Style Gauge.

  • Latest technology in digital air-pressure measurement delivers precision accuracy
  • Accurately measures 5 to 99 psi in 1/2-pound increments
  • Operating temperature- 0 to 100°F (18 to 33°C)
  • Runs off a Lifetime Lithium battery and automatically shuts off
  • 5 year warranty