MIRKA Mirlon Scuff Pads

Mirlon Scuff Pads do it all!

Mirlon is a flexible, three-dimensional fiber sanding material that's easy to use on profiled surfaces and produces an excellent finish. It's ideal for matting of surfaces and creates an excellent base for the next lacquer layer. Use MIRKA Mirlon Scuff Pads for automotive refinishing, construction and decoration projects, wood and metal processing and fiberglass repair. The non-woven backing makes Mirlon Scuff Pads flexible and easy to handle.

Very Fine (360 grit)
MIRKA Mirlon Scuff Pads Very Fine (360 grit) are designed for primer sanding.

Ultra Fine (1500 Grit)
MIRKA Mirlon Scuff Pads Ultra Fine (1500 Grit) are designed for light scuffing behind panels and around edges.

Micro Fine (2000 Grit)
MIRKA Mirlon Micro Fine (2000 Grit) are designed for removing paint defects in the detail edge of the repair. From dry sanding to wet sanding, MIRKA Mirlon Scuff Pads will change the way you perform refinishing work in your shop.