MiniMe Mercedes GL63 AMG Push Stroller 3-in-1 – Pink

A regular stroller is so last season! With the Mercedes Benz 3-in-1 Stroller Rocker, you and your toddler can errand around town in style. This toy car is actually three toys in one! Plus, when you’re ready, it’s easy to set up and rearrange. First it starts out as a push stroller, then it can be made into a rocker and lastly into a push car. This car has almost all the features as a real Mercedes Benz, from a horn to music and LED lights. With color options in blue, white, pink and red, it’s perfect for both boys and girls. This toy car is sure to turn some heads!

Start this cool car off as push stroller. Your child sits comfortably in a cushioned seat, complete with steering wheel and real car features, while you have the power to maneuver the car around with a long push handle. Protective side guards keep your child safely in place so you can cruise around without fear of them falling out. With all the style of a Mercedes Benz, only (much) lighter and more portable.

As an inside-the-house option or maybe as step two, the Mercedes Benz Stroller Rocker goes from, you guessed it, a stroller to a rocker. An attachment underneath the car turns into a bouncy rocker, letting your little one have bouts of laughter going up and down. The rocker is cooler than most, obviously, because it looks like a top of the line Mercedes Benz.

As a third option for when your child is older, it turns into a convertible push car. Now your child is in control of the road! The protective side guards can be removed, and your child is free to drive all on their own. Using the Fred Flintstone method of driving, your child can have fun, get some exercise and look extremely cool playing in the neighborhood. They get work the LED lights, honk the horn and even listen to some tunes, all on their own.

MiniMe Mercedes GL63 AMG Push Stroller 3-in-1 – Pink

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MiniMe Mercedes GL63 AMG Push Stroller 3-in-1 – Pink