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MiniMe Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG Battery Operated Car

Being a kid never looked so cool when driving the Mercedes Benz SL63 motorized, toy car. Just like the real thing, the metallic finish makes this car shine from down the block. Your little one will have a blast cruising around in this fully functional, high class mini Mercedes Benz. If you’re child hasn’t quite grasped the concept of driving (who could blame them?), there’s a convenient remote for an adult to use to keep track of car.

Start your child off early with a taste for the best-in-class brands. Driving the Mercedes Benz SL63 sets your child up for luxury with optimal features resembling the real car. Inside, the realistic dashboard lights up with all the bells and whistles, making your child feel like the driver they were meant to be. The MP3 Aux with volume control feature allows your child to listen to some tunes on the road, just like mom and dad. They even have the power to control the LED headlights.

Just like the real thing, safety and comfort are key components of the Mercedes Benz SL63. Not only will your kid look stylish, but you can feel better knowing they are also safe. The two opening and closing doors keep your child securely inside, while the leatherback seat and seatbelt keeps them cozy. The LED headlights are bright and noticeable, keeping the car fully visible when the sun is down.

A remote control for the parents is another selling point of the Mercedes Benz SL65 motorized, toy car. Parents can retain a close watch on their child, keeping control of the car’s movements with the handy remote. The remote allows you to move the car forwards, backwards, left, right, on and off. You’ll have as much fun driving the car as your little one!

MiniMe Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG Battery Operated Car

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MiniMe Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG Battery Operated Car