Mighty Mini Tools & Accessories

They might be mini - but they are mighty!

The Mighty Mini brand, centered around the namesake tool, the Mighty Mini 3 inch Cordless Polisher, was designed with precision detailing in mind. With the largest backing plate being only 3 inches in diameter, the Might Mini tools and pads allow you to hone in on one specific area in need of attention without compromising the rest of your vehicle's finish. Perfect for professional detailers, and Paintless Dent Removal companies that focus on only small areas at a time, Mighty Mini provides the tools you need for precision-based detailing.

Featuring 3 different grades of foam correcting, Mighty Mini Pads are composed of a sturdy foam that is more resilient to wear, reducing the frequency with which they need to be replaced. The open-cell structure of the foam of Mighty Mini Pads allows the pads to absorb more of the product you are using with them, increasing the working time of your products to result in better end results. Mighty Mini Rotary Backing Plates are designed with the standard hook and loop buffing pads in mind and has an attachment surface that is compatible with those pads.

Be sure to check out the all-inclusive kits and combos available for common "spot" type detailing below!