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Microfiber Scrubber Pad

Microfiber Scrubber PadThe ultimate microfiber pad for heavy duty floor scrubbing!

Since their inception, microfiber towels and tools have been a staple for proper car care and detailing. Microfiber has many other uses, too, including household cleaning. The Microfiber Scrubber Pad attaches to a High-Grade Aluminum Mop Head via hook and loop interface to provide safe, versatile cleaning for all your floor cleaning needs. The Microfiber Scrubber Pad will remove stubborn stains that a regular mop wouldn't dream of!

The Microfiber Scrubber Pad is perfect for heavy stains
Ideal for heavy stains and dirt build up on hardwood and garage floors.
Although microfiber is one of the softest materials known to man, it also happens to be one of the toughest which makes it an obvious choice for rigorous cleaning. The Microfiber Scrubber Pad is constructed of hundreds of thousands of porous microscopic fibers that remove bacteria from floors and other room surfaces. With microfiber products you can clean 20% faster and be 100% more effective.

  • Heavy-duty design with vertical strips of extra tough microfiber for vigorous scrubbing
  • Designed to easily glide across the floor when wet
  • Half of the fibers are microscopic and the other half are polyester for better scrubbing action
  • Pads easily attach to mop hardware via hook and loop
  • Washable and reusable

    Equip the Microfiber Scrubber Pad with a High-Grade Aluminum Mod Head and prepare to witness the true cleaning power of microfiber!

    Available in 10" and 20" sizes.

    Mop head and handle sold separately.

    Sold individually

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