Microfiber Buffing & Polishing Pads

Microfiber Buffing & Polishing Pads

We carry microfiber buffing and polishing pads in every size imaginable from all your favorite buffing pad manufacturers!

Microfiber buffing and polishing pads have enabled dual action polishers to provide increased cutting ability, making the removal of swirls, water spots and scratches quicker and easier than ever. This latest trend in car care has experienced explosive popularity since Meguiars introduced the DA Microfiber Correction System.

Microfiber buffing and polishing pads were originally introduced by Meguiars as part of their DA Microfiber Correction System. Since then, Lake Country Manufacturing and Optimum Polymer Technologies have also introduced their respective versions of microfiber buffing and polishing pads.

We're proud to carry the best microfiber buffing and polishing pads available, from all top manufacturers! What are the benefits of microfiber pads versus foam pads for compounding and polishing? It's quite simple, actually. Microfiber pads are constructed of thousands of strands of microfiber and these fibers provide more cut because they're actually a form of abrasive. Lake Country Ultra-Fiber Microfiber Pads take this concept a step further by utilizing microfiber loops that are more plush and more dense compared to other microfiber pads.

Lake Country is also the only manufacturer to offer a microfiber pad designed specifically for dual action and rotary polisher applications. Arguably the most popular microfiber buffing and polishing pads on the market are Meguiars DA Microfiber Cutting and DA Microfiber Finishing Discs. These were the original microfiber pads to enter the market and they have gained a loyal following since their introduction. Meguiars offers the DA Microfiber Correction System in two all-inclusive kits that include the necessary compounds and polishes to go with them.

Regardless of which microfiber buffing and polishing pad you decide to go with, always remember that a flawless finish is best achieved with a foam pad. Microfiber pads are best suited for performing the initial cutting step, where their more aggressive design gives them an edge over foam pads. Foam pads are less abrasive and provide the mirror finish that is sought after by all gloss-crazed car care enthusiasts. Compounding with microfiber pads and polishing with foam pads is a recipe for perfect paint!