About Menzerna Polishing Compounds of Germany

About Menzerna Polishing Compounds of Germany


In 1888, Friedrich Menzer founded a chemical factory in the city of Pforzheim, Germany, to manufacture fine polishing agents for gold and other precious metals. The company succeeded in producing "Paris Red", which was considered the best fine polish for gold, but otherwise the polish company was slow to take off. Menzer then moved his company to nearby Karlsruhe in 1899 and systematically opened branches in foreign markets starting in 1921.

In the 1950s, Menzerna came under the management of Dr. Walter Burkart, who began researching industrial polishing technology, culminating in his writing of a guide to sharpening and polishing. This guide is still recognized as the standard guide on the subject. With the 1960s came the advent of liquid polish emulsions, which is still the norm in the auto industry. Menzerna quickly adopted this new way of processing and applied to it some of the highest standards of quality that the industry has ever seen. Driven by this commitment to quality and consistency, Menzerna went on to become one of the top producers of polishes for industrial consumers. After decades of growth and success, Menzerna was moved from Karlsruhe to Oetigheim, Germany. During this relocation, procedures were examined and modernized to transform Menzerna from a relatively small craft company to a medium size industrial manufacturer. Since then, Menzerna has seen consistent growth with new acquisitions and new subsidiaries in France and Morocco. Growth and development have been so rapid over the last few years that a third of Menzerna's products did not exist before 5 years ago.


Menzerna polishing compounds are used by some of Germany's top automakers, including Mercedes, and many General Motors plants have begun using Menzerna. Menzerna polishes are still manufactured in Otigheim, Germany but demand in the U.S. has caused the company to open offices and a warehouse in New York for U.S. distribution. The products are imported directly from Germany to New York and from there shipped to our warehouse. We are proud to offer Menzerna's full line of automotive enhancement products.

Why Menzerna Polishing Compounds Products?

As enthusiasts become more sophisticated in their knowledge and use of car care products, they demand better products. They want to use the same products used by the car manufacturers. Menzerna's polishes and compounds are used by so many manufacturers because they get a consistently premium product that allows them to produce consistent results on their cars. Consistency is the ultimate goal of mass production. Many over the counter (OTC) products use subpar abrasives, i.e., they're chunky or irregular. Menzerna has some of the strictest standards in uniformity, size, and shape of their abrasives. All milling is done in house so they can maintain total control over their polishes from start to finish. That's how you know you're getting a superior product.

Menzerna polishing compounds are capable of removing 2500 grit sanding marks with minimal or no loss of surface gloss! Besides being exceedingly surface friendly, the polishes are water-based and silicone-free. They are ideal for use on new paint finishes in a body shop or manufacturing environment. Menzerna polishes are formulated for quick and clean defect removal with minimal finishing work. Often you can go from compounding to wax application without additional polishing!

The Menzerna Advantage

  • Water-based
  • Contains no fillers, silicones, or wax
  • Safe on all types of paint, including clear coat, lacquer, ceramic, and acrylic
  • Little or no loss in surface gloss
  • Uniform abrasives
  • Safe on new paint and factory cured paint
  • Clean, often one-step defect removal
  • Low or no dusting
  • Minimal (if any) polishing required to restore gloss to dark paints