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Meguiars Brilliant Solutions Wheel Polishing Kit G3400

Meguiars Brilliant Solutions Wheel Polishing Kit G3400Mirror-bright wheels made easy!

Meguiars Brilliant Solutions Wheel Polishing Kit makes it simple to get your vehicle's wheels clean and shiny, no matter what their shape or size. The kit includes a DynaCone Polishing Tool that cleans all wheel designs plus All Metal Polish and DynaCone Cleaning Solution. Meguiars thought of all the details - it's up to you to put Meguiars Brilliant Solutions Wheel Polishing Kit to good use.

Wheels are made of different metals and they have different spoke designs. With so many variations, you could easily get lost in all the polishing products on the market. Meguiars understands your needs. Meguiars Brilliant Solutions Wheel Polishing Kit includes the DynaCone Polishing Tool that suits virtually any wheel design, and All Metal Polish, which safely polishes all metals. And when you're done with the DynaCone tool, the included DynaCone Cleaning Solution is all you need to clean up. Simple, right?

DynaCone Polishing Tool w/ arbor
The DynaCone Polishing Tool has a narrow cone tip for narrow spokes and slots. The wider part of the cone is great for wider-set spokes and, turned at an angle, it works well on the wheel face. The cone is made of very durable, high grade polishing foam. It goes into small areas and comes out easily without shredding the foam. The metal shaft will not bend under pressure and it has a high heat resistant plastic sheath so it will not scratch wheels. The DynaCone Polishing Tool works with a drill.

4 oz. Meguiars All Metal Wheel Polish
Remove tarnish, stains, brake dust, and oxidation from all metal wheels with Meguiars All Metal Wheel Polish. As it cleans, All Metal Polish restores a brilliant shine to wheels. This formula is specifically designed to work with the DynaCone Polishing Tool. All Metal Polish stays wet to eliminate the rotary marks that are common with other polishing tools.

4 oz DynaCone Cleaning Solution
When you are finished with your wheels, clean the DynaCone Polishing Tool with this specially formulated cleaning solution. It does a superior job of removing brake dust and grease from the foam so your DynaCone will work like new every time.
Meguiars Brilliant Solutions Wheel Polishing Kit is the perfect kit for anyone who wants clean, polished wheels without hunting for the right products. Meguiars gives you exactly what you need to clean and shine all metal wheels.

Kit Contents:
DynaCone polishing tool w/ arbor
4 oz All Metal Wheel Polish
4 oz DynaCone Cleaning Solution

Note: This kit should not be used on clear coated wheels.

This item has been discontinued. Please see replacement product below.

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