Meguiars Spray & Squeeze Bottles

Meguiars Spray & Squeeze Bottles

Save on detailing products by buying in bulk!

Transfer the contents of gallons to these convenient Meguiars 32 oz. Spray Bottles and 12 oz. Squeeze Bottles. These high quality bottles are designed to hold all kinds of detailing chemicals, and most are labeled with specific product names to prevent cross-contamination.

All 32 oz. pre-labeled Meguiars Spray Bottles are OSHA compliant, meaning they meet the government's guidelines for occupational safety. The heavy duty bottles are pre-labeled with the names of popular Meguiars products that require dilution. The color-coded and obviously labeled bottles prevent cross-contamination of auto surfaces and detailing tools. If you've ever grabbed engine degreaser thinking it was glass cleaner, you'll appreciate these clearly marked bottles! Durable, adjustable sprayers are included with each spray bottle.

Because you might use another product from time to time, Meguiars has also made a generic white 32 oz. Spray Bottle. Two 12 oz. Squeeze Dispensers give you the option to buy polishes or liquid waxes in bulk and dispense only what you need. These bottles are great for products that need to be used sparingly.

Go ahead and buy the gallon of all purpose cleaner. With Meguiar's convenient Spray and Squeeze Bottles, you can store your detailing chemicals in smaller, user-friendly containers that are perfect for pro detailers or dedicated hobbyists.