> > 9x4.5 - GREY/GOLD Microfiber Chenille & Mesh Sponge

9x4.5 - GREY/GOLD Microfiber Chenille & Mesh Sponge

Thick, durable, and easy on your elbow!

The Microfiber Chenille & Mesh Sponge is a dual-sided sponge designed to get tough contaminants off the surface of your vehicle without marring, scratching, or breaking your elbow. The chenille side is extra-soft with absorbent microfiber to keep your surface clear of contaminants and spread soap and water easily. The mesh side is durable and will remove those extra tough dirt, bugs, or bird droppings from your vehicle's surface.

Directions for Use:
Add water to a bucket with your favorite car wash (or foam cannon)
Get clean sponge wet with clean water or bucket water
Spread soap all over surface with wash mitt by hand
Flip to mesh side for tough spots
Do not place sponge on ground to keep from contamination

9x4.5 - GREY/GOLD Microfiber Chenille & Mesh Sponge

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Glen Allen, Virginia
Great for front bumpers and side mirrors!
This wash sponge is great for doing front bumpers and side mirrors; basically, the usual spots for bug splatters. I'll use regular wash mitts for all other parts of a car, but when it comes to the bumper, I just whip out this sponge and it works well. Use the microfiber chenille side for soaping and cleaning, and the sponge side for those bug splatters. Only thing is, it can be tiring to hold if it's soaked. A small handle would make this perfect!
Pros+ Microfiber side cleans well enough + Mesh side cleans off bugs well + Easy to clean
Cons- Can be difficult to hold without a small handle, especially when soaked.
Clyde, Ohio
Nice wash sponge.
Looks like a good quality sponge for the money.