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WeatherTech Cargo Liners For SUVs, Minivans, Cars

Keep your trunk or cargo area carpet in great condition, no matter how hard you use it!

WeatherTech Cargo Liners offer durable cargo area and trunk protection. Each cargo liner mat is made to cover the carpet from edge to edge. The attractive fit and durable construction make WeatherTech Cargo Liners a smart choice for carpet protection.

Don't be afraid of using that cargo area of your vehicle! WeatherTech cargo liners are hardy and durable, 100% protection from spills, sand and dirt. Go ahead - load and unload, again and again. Protect your carpet from dirty gardening supplies, camping and fishing gear, golf and scuba equipment, and bicycles. Push, pull, and drag your cargo across your cargo liner without worry. WeatherTech cargo liners stand up to any kind of abuse you can inflict! Underneath, your carpeting remains clean and in like-new condition.

The cargo liner comes in many, many styles - one to fit almost every SUV, car or station wagon to the T. A 3" lip keeps spills at bay until you can remove the liner and pour the liquid out. A non-skid textured surface minimizes cargo shift through sharp turns, sudden stops and winding back roads.

WeatherTech cargo liners are drop shipped from directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery. Express shipping is not available on this item.