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Swirl Finding Lights.

Find every swirl and scratch on your paint with ease!

When you are working on correcting every single swirl, scratch, and imperfection on your car’s paint, it is crucial that you are actually able to see the damage you are attempting to remove. Being able to see every imperfection on a paint surface take a very powerful light angled just the right way. A typical flashlight or over-head lamp light will not do as many of these lights lack the power needed to reveal the small and fine scratches that are common on a paint surface. Even the Sun, while it is powerful enough, is not always a suitable light source because you are not always working outdoors.

If you are a professional detailer or even if you just want to make sure you have gotten every last swirl and scratch out of your car’s paint, a professional grade light source may be a critical investment. We have compiled a list of lighting products below that will be able to provide you with the powerful light necessary to see even the smallest, finest scratches and swirls on a paint’s surface. With one of these lights, you will be able to improve your detailing abilities drastically!