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Life Hammer & Green Res-Q-Me Kit

Life Hammer & Green Res-Q-Me Kit

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The Life Hammer and Res-Q-Me tools prepare you for any road emergency!

This is the perfect safety gift for motorists of any age. The Life Hammer permanently mounts in the everyday vehicle, the Res-Q-Me goes with you when traveling as a passenger.

The 2-item kit contains:

The Original Life Hammer
This small light-weight safety tool is powerful enough to shatter car windows and cut through seat belts. Mount it on your console, within easy reach. Once installed, the Life Hammer® should be kept in it's mounting at all times to ensure it's usefulness in the event of an accident. The Life Hammer slices through seatbelts and shatters car windows to release you and your passengers from an immobilized vehicle. When seconds make all the difference, quick thinking and the Life Hammer can help save lives in an auto emergency.

The Res-Q-Me Keychain Escape Tool
The Res-Q-Me is your portable safety companion. Traveling in someone else's vehicle, you will feel safe and well prepared. It is designed with a spring loaded pin to break tempered glass windows and includes a blade to cut through seatbelts. It's small size, like a car key, allows it to be kept on a keychain and within reach at all times.

A $39.98 Value. Save $12.99!

Click Below to see the Life Hammer featured on the CBS Early Show.

Click Below to see the ResQMe featured on the NBC Today Show.

My son had a friend and his wife die in an accident when their car went off the road and rolled into a swamp. They both drown. My son's friend was a very large and strong man and his hands indicated that he tried desperately to get out of the car yet he was unable to get the door open or break out a window. I remembered carrying a tool that would break out windows in such a situation back when I was on the FD/ambulance service. On searching the internet I immediately came across this company and the Life Hammer. I have purchased 6 full size and 6 keychain versions for myself, my 2 sons, my oldest son's fiancee and my two best friends. Delivery was prompt and the price was reasonable. Thank you for making me feel safer driving and better about the safety of my family.
T. Springer

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Life Hammer & Green Res-Q-Me Kit