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Life Hammer Evolution Safety Hammer

Spring-loaded glass-breaking head makes escape possible.

The Life Hammer Evolution Safety Hammer can quickly and efficiently aid you in escaping from a disabled vehicle in the event of an emergency. The spring-loaded head breaks glass while the integrated seatbelt slicing blade safely cuts away stuck seatbelts. The Life Hammer Evolution Safety Hammer features a conical handle with a non-slip grip and can be mounted in nearly any position using the including Quick Click System.

Thousands of new drivers take to the roadways each year in the United States and other countries. Unfortunately, as the statistics for new drivers rise, so do the statistics for accidents and death. Last year, there were over 41,800 traffic fatalities on United States roadways alone.

The Life Hammer Evolution Safety Hammer with Quick Click System is conveniently stored out of the way for use during emergencies.
Being in an accident is a frightening situation that most of us have experienced, and it’s even scarier if you are trapped within your vehicle. This is a scenario we try not to think about on a daily basis, but peace of mind cannot be fully felt without protecting yourself should such a situation occur. Airbags and safety belts are lifesaving aids, but when your vehicle is in a compromising position, the releases for these devices may not work properly. In an overturned vehicle the full force of an occupant’s body weight on the seat belt makes it virtually impossible to release. In addition, damage to doors may mean that window frames have been wrenched out of alignment and are no longer able to be opened. Should this happen, the Life Hammer Evolution Safety Hammer will shatter side windows and cut through safety belts. This product is the safety device chosen by law enforcement, the Autogeek family, and hopefully you.

The Life Hammer Evolution Safety Hammer weighs just a few ounces, stores conveniently in the Quick Click System, and could potentially save the lives of you and your passengers! The seatbelt slicing razor blade is set safely back in the butt of the handle to prevent any unintended cuts and the non-slip handle ensures that you will be able to maintain your grip when you need it most. The ultra-hard, spring-loaded ceramic hammerhead makes breaking glass easy, it automatically reloads and there is no backswing necessary. The Quick Click mounting system allows for the greatest versatility in mounting the Life Hammer Evolution Safety Hammer to the vehicle. The Quick Click systems clips onto the door—no drilling necessary—and the click adapters can be turned 360° to ensure convenient positioning. You can even mount a second Life Hammer product to the Quick Click system!

Life Hammer Evolution Safety Hammer

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Life Hammer Evolution Safety Hammer