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Legal Limit Pocket Breathalyzer Keychain

Legal Limit Pocket Breathalyzer Keychain

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Save a life with this pocket breathalyzer from the makers of the Life Hammer.

After a night of socializing, there’s always at least one person in the crowd that has had more than his share of alcohol. It becomes the responsibility of the people around him to keep that person from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Nov8, the makers of the Life Hammer, has introduced the Legal Limit as an effective tool in the fight against drunk driving.

Over 17,000 people die annually in the U.S. as a result of drunk driving. All of those deaths could have been prevented if someone had intervened before the intoxicated person drove away. It can be difficult to convince someone they have had too much, and that’s when Legal Limit is your best ally.

Legal Limit is a one-time use personal alcohol detector that tells you in a matter of minutes if another person is over the legal blood alcohol level. This life-saving device is 100% accurate in measuring blood alcohol content. It is designed to be carried on a keychain so you can conveniently carry it with you at all times. Anytime a person’s sobriety is in question, Legal Limit allows you to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that he or she is incapable of driving so you can take steps to get everyone home safely.

Legal Limit is intended to give individuals the power to prevent alcohol-related fatalities and injuries. It is designated as the “Best Practice” product by the Safety Center of the U.S. Army and Navy, and it is routinely given out by elected officials during alcohol awareness campaigns.

Legal Limit is a small vial of powder that changes to an unmistakable blue/green color when an intoxicated person blows into it. The color changes when the individual’s blood alcohol content is in excess of 0.08%, the federally-recommended limit. Follow instructions carefully to ensure an accurate reading. Do not use Legal Limit on yourself because judgment is impaired after drinking alcohol.

The next time you encounter an intoxicated person who insists on driving, get the keys, and then use Legal Limit to prove your point. It saves lives!

4 1/2 X 3/4 inches

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Legal Limit Pocket Breathalyzer Keychain