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> LANGKA Paint Chip and Scratch Repair

LANGKA Paint Chip and Scratch Repair

LANGKA Paint Chip and Scratch RepairLANGKA Corp.’s core business is developing Paint Chip repair products and other car paint care products, including Scratch repair for the auto enthusiast.

LANGKA was started in 1996 at the request of the largest USA automotive paint touch up company to develop a "wipe on-wipe off" process for their touch up paints. LANGKA continues as a developer and marketer for automotive niche products for the auto enthusiast.

The paint chip repair products made by LANGKA have been used in the auto repair industry for the last 15 years, and it was only recently repackaged under the LANGKA name for the enthusiast. The products and process were formulated by the research team of IMAC®, makers of premium touch-up paint for professional use only. The only difference between the LANGKA process and the IMAC® process is that the LANGKA process is made for use with the touch-up paint from your auto manufacturer. (IMAC® paint is unavailable to the general public.) Otherwise, the LANGKA process is one in the same with the process used by professionals to get flawless results!

All vehicle owners experience aggravating chips and scratches. Now you can repair those blemishes without costly trips to the body shop. With the LANGKA Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit, you can achieve a seamless, professional repair of all your scratches and chips in your own garage!

For light scratches that do not require touch-up paint, LANGKA created the WetSand2000 Kit for easy, permanent scratch removal.

You may also purchase The Blob Eliminator, the secret weapon in the Paint Chip Repair Kit, and a 5 minute instructional CD on the repair kit.

LANGKA makes it possible to get a professional repair job without the professional!