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> Kleen Wheels Wheel Mates (Set of 4)

Kleen Wheels Wheel Mates (Set of 4)

Now you can change your flat tire quickly and easily.

At some point everyone will encounter a flat tire. A friend recently got a flat tire while on his lunch break. In his khakis, he knelt on the ground by his SUV and spent over an hour trying to pull the rim from the rotor in scorching heat. Even for a sizable man, he had a tough time. By the time he was done, his shirt and pants were soaked in sweat and grease stains, and he had lost two hours out of his work day. Despite a late work night, this is not the worst case scenario. Changing a flat tire by a roadway is a very precarious position. You need to change it quickly to get out of harm’s way and to get on with your day.

This isn’t always possible, though, because of the structure of the wheel. On any vehicle, the rotor sits flush against the rim. As you drive at high speeds through all sorts of weather conditions, moisture, grease, dirt and heat form a sticky seal that locks the rotor and rim together. Think of what happens when you moisten a suction cup and then stick it to a window. The moisture forms a much stronger seal than the cup would have normally. This is what happens with your wheels.

Kleen Wheels Wheel Mates Kleen Wheels Wheel Matemake removing rims fast and easy by preventing the sticky seal from forming. Wheel Mates are thin discs that are mounted between the rotor and rim. These non-sticky, non-metallic, non-deteriorating discs prevent the two metal surfaces from adhering. The discs are made from an industrial laminate that will not corrode or melt. It actually absorbs some of the heat from the rotor to aid brake cooling.

Not only do Wheel Mates make changing a flat easier, they prevent rust and corrosion on the contact surfaces. There is no need for lubricants because the rotor and rim will always move smoothly against the clean surface provided by Wheel Mates.

Kleen Wheels Wheel Mates have a lifetime warranty and are made in America. Choose from 5 sizes to get the Wheel Mates that are right for your vehicle.

If the unexpected happens, be prepared with Wheel Mates. They make tire removal easier and faster than ever before so you can get on your way.

While you’re installing Wheel Mates, protect your wheels from brake dust with Kleen Wheels Dust Shields. These hubcaps fit inside the wheel to keep brake dust from migrating to the exterior rim. They keep your rims cleaner longer and make future cleaning much easier.

Wheel Mates come in a set of 4.

Part No. Applications:
4504 4 Hole - on 4"/100mm, 4.25"/108mm, and 4.50"/114mm bolt circles.

5 Hole - on 4"/100mm, 4.25"/108mm, 110mm, 112mm, 4.50"/114mm, 115mm, 4.75"/120mm, and 5"/127mm  bolt circles. (with 12mm studs)

4506 5 Hole - on a 5"/127mm and 130mm bolt circles. (with 1/2" or 14mm studs)
6 Hole - on a 4.50"/114mm and 5"/127mm bolt circles.

5 Hole - on 5.50"/139.7mm, 135mm, and 150mm bolt circles.

6 Hole - on a 5.50"/139.7mm and 135mm bolt circles.
7 Hole - on 150mm bolt circle.


8 Hole - on 6.50"/165.1mm or 170mm bolt circles.

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Kleen Wheels Wheel Mates (Set of 4)

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Kleen Wheels Wheel Mates Set of 4