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Kurgo Wheel Felts

Protect wheels and rims from scratches during storage!

Protect your seasonal wheels or show rims from nicks and scratches with Kurgo Wheel Felts. These soft felt discs lay against the wheel within a tire tote to block out dirt and protect against abrasion. Wheel Felts protect wheels and your vehicle as you transport tires.

Many drivers own wheels that are seasonal or for special events only. For example, you may remove your regular tires and wheels for the winter and replace them with snow tires and more utilitarian wheels. Kurgo Wheel Felts allow you to protect your wheels behind a soft layer of felt to prevent potential scratches and nicks. When you’re ready to put them back on the vehicle, the wheels will be as clean and scratch-free as when you removed them.

Kurgo Wheel Felts are thick felt pads that hug the sides of the tire to protect the wheel and to keep a dirty tire from soiling your cargo area during transport. The felt is ¼ inch thick to provide impact resistance and cushion against bumps and nicks.

If you need to change a flat tire, Kurgo Wheel Felts provide a place to lay the dirty wheel inside your vehicle without soiling the carpet. Used with a Kurgo Tire Tote, the tire will be completely enclosed to keep the road grime within the tote and off your vehicle’s carpet.

Vent holes in the middle of each Wheel Felt allow heat to escape from behind the felt. An adjustable bungee cord with a clip at each end secures each Wheel Felt within the Tire Tote. One size Wheel Felt fits all Tire Tote bags. Tire Totes are sold separately.

Note: To open the clips, lift up on the back lever of the clip until you hear it click and the clip opens up. To close the clip, press the same lever down.

Kurgo Wheel Felts protect seasonal wheels during storage and they keep your vehicle or garage free of brake dust and tire grime. Wrap your wheels in softness and protection with Kurgo Wheel Felts.

  • Protects rims from nicks and scratches
  • Additional level of protection from tire and brake residue for your cloths and vehicle interior
  • One size fits all Tire Tote bags
  • Durable .25" thick felt pad
  • Easy to install
  • Large ventilation hole
  • Pad size 1/4" x 20"
  • Fits with Tire Tote product (22" through 29" tire)
  • Tire Totes are sold separately
2 Wheel Felts included

Kurgo Wheel Felts

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Kurgo Wheel Felts