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> Kurgo Sack Hook

Kurgo Sack Hook

Keep fruit from rolling around your cargo space!

The Kurgo Sack Hook allows you to hang your grocery bags so all the contents stay inside, instead of rolling around the trunk or cargo area. The study steel rack has 9 hooks and a wide base to keep itself upright as you drive. Prevent damaged groceries and soiled trunk space with the Kurgo Sack Hook.

How many times have you heard cans or bottles rolling around in your trunk on the drive home from the grocery store? It would be much faster to unload the car if you didn’t have to re-bag all the groceries.

The Kurgo Sack Hook keeps plastic bags upright around every turn and at every stoplight. The rack stands 18 inches high and easily accommodates 10-15 grocery bags. Its wide base and angled uprights give the Sack Hook excellent stability in a moving vehicle.

The Kurgo Sack Hook has a handle on top so you can carry all your groceries into kitchen at once. Just pick up the Sack Hook and go. By balancing the weight of the bags over the width of the Sack Hook, its weight is easily managed.

The Kurgo Sack Hook is made of black powder coated steel, which is durable yet surprisingly light. The rack saves space by folding flat when not in use. The overall dimensions are 18"h x 22"w x 18"d when open and it is only 1 inch high when closed.

Save yourself time and hassle by eliminating all the lose cans and produce that roll around your vehicle. The Kurgo Sack Hook keeps grocery bags upright on your drive home so there’s nothing to clean up when you get there.

Open 18"h x 22"w x 18"d
Closed 1”h x 22"w x 18"d

Kurgo Sack Hook

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Kurgo Sack Hook