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Kurgo Back Seat Barrier

Safely keeps your four-legged passengers in the back seat!

The Kurgo Back Seat Barrier is the ideal way to keep even the most enthusiastic pet passengers where they belong—in the back! This easy-to-use solution to a common problem for pet owners keeps the center console of your vehicle clean and protected and prevents driver distraction. The Kurgo Back Seat Barrier even comes equipped with plenty of storage pockets to help keep on-the-go pet supplies neat and organized.

It’s a common scene: the jingling car keys grab the attention of your dog, you put him in his harness, attach the leash, and lead your oh-so-obedient pup to the car. You open the back door and in he hops. You walk around to the driver’s side door only to discover that your beloved companion has muscled his way into the cockpit, scratching up the console and leaving a trail of drool and fur in his wake. No amount of pushing (or begging!) on your part will coax your strong-willed pooch into the back seat, so you’re forced to drive with a giant distraction on your lap, or leave the poor guy home alone. That’s where the Kurgo Back Seat Barrier comes in!

The Kurgo Back Seat Barrier is the perfect solution. This cloth and mesh barrier easily attaches to the front seats of nearly any vehicle, creating a soft yet effective wall between the front and back seats that prevents your dog from jumping onto the center console and into your lap. Don’t worry, he’ll still be able to see you through the mesh top, keeping everyone in the car happy. Although the Kurgo Back Seat Barrier is easy to install and remove, its convenient storage pockets may prompt you to leave it in the vehicle even when your pooch stays home!

The Kurgo Back Seat Barrier is durable, has a convenient storage pocket, and keeps your pet safely in the backseat.
Rugged design, durable stiching, metal buckles, and convenient storage make the Back Seat Barrier a highly versatile and functional choice.
  • Soft yet sturdy construction keeps pets safe
  • Convenient pockets help organize pet supplies like leashes and treats
  • Keeps front seat and center console clean and protected
  • Prevents driver distraction
  • Prevents pets from tumbling into shifter during quick braking
  • Universal fit for most vehicles (not designed for use in minivans or 2-door vehicles)

Kurgo Back Seat Barrier

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Kurgo Back Seat Barrier