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Lake Country Kompressor 7 inch 6 Pack - Your Choice!

Choose your own pads!

Select six foam pads of the same size in the colors of your choice. You know what pads you need better than anyone. Customize your own perfect pad kit! This specially priced combo includes any six Lake Country CCS 7 Inch Kompressor Foam Pads of your choosing for one price. You can choose all pads of one color or mix it up. Any combination is the same price.

Made to hug the curves and contours of your vehicle!

The Kompressor Foam Buffing Pads by Lake Country are made to hug your vehicle’s curves better than standard foam pads. The slotted pad face allows each Kompressor pad to conform to the shape of the body panel, thereby providing maximum surface contact. Each pad has a “sweet spot” that holds the polish on the pad longer and prolongs the pad life. Maximize your polishing efforts with Lake Country Kompressor Foam Buffing Pads!

Today’s vehicles have curves! A standard flat pad just doesn’t cut it. Lake Country’s Kompressor Pads are designed to hug the paint, conforming to the car’s every curve. With an old-fashioned flat pad, you lose surface contact on the fenders and bumper because the pad is unable to adjust to the curves of the vehicle. Because so much of the pad is coming off the paint, you’re more likely to sling polish.

Kompressor foam pads keep the foam against the paint, which keeps the polish (or wax) on the pad. Patent pending Kompressor pads have the following features that you won’t find on other pads:

Slotted Pad Face. The series of foam tabs allow the Kompressor pad to constantly conform to the shape of your vehicle as you move the polisher along the paint. This variation in the pad face allows the Kompressor pad to maintain contact with the paint over curved fenders and on concave body panels. With more foam and polish in contact with paint at all times, you get faster results.

Lake Country’s foam compositions are among the best in the industry. Kompressor foam pads are very durable and long-wearing, as you’d expect from any Lake Country pad.

The slotted pad face allows the Kompressor pad to conform to the car's curves.

The slotted pad face allows the Kompressor pad to conform to the car's curves.

Compressed sweet spot. Kompressor pads get their name from the sweet spot of compressed foam in the center of each pad. The pads are designed to arch. When you press the center of the pad against the backing plate, the center foam compresses, creating the sweet spot. Polish tends to stay in the middle of the pad. The sweet spot reduces sling and holds onto the polish longer.

The Kompressor pads are arched. When you press the pad to the backing plate, the center foam compresses to form a "sweet spot".

The Kompressor pads are arched. When you press the pad to the backing plate, the center foam compresses to form a "sweet spot".


The compressed sweet spot also extends the pads’ lift by reducing foam breakdown. When the pad compresses, the foam is pushed together to create a dense surface. The foam tabs still have enough movement to conform to the vehicle, but the density of this compressed foam protects the pad against unnecessary wear.

Kompressor pads are easy to clean. The slotted pad face actually makes it easy to clean Kompressor pads. Just arch the pad and you can easily use a brush or your fingers to agitate between the tabs.

Use the Kompressor foam pads with the FLEX XC 3401 Orbital Polisher.

Use the Kompressor foam pads with the FLEX XC 3401 Orbital Polisher.

Kompressor polishing pads maintain optimum surface contact on curves.

Kompressor polishing pads maintain optimum surface contact on curves.

Kompressor foam pads are available in these varieties:

Black Finessing Foam Pad

Black Finessing 7 inch Foam Pad – The black foam pad is very soft. Use it for wax and paint sealant application. The black foam has no cutting ability. It does a great job of spreading an even coat of paint protection.


Red Finishing Foam Pad

Red Finishing 7 inch Foam Pad – The red finessing foam pad is the softest Kompressor pad. The red foam can be used to apply glazes, liquid waxes and sealants. This pad is also ideal for jewelling the paint with an ultra fine polish following the use of a swirl remover.


Super Soft Gold Jewelling 7 inch Foam Pad

Super Soft Gold Jewelling 7 inch Foam Pad – The Super Soft Gold Jewelling Pad is made of Lake Country’s softest foam. Use the gold pad to apply a very fine polish or glaze as the final step of the polishing process. Jewelling is the term coined for this step because it intensifies gloss and reflectivity, like a jewel. The gold foam pad also works well for wax and sealant application.


Lake Country’s Kompressor Foam Pads are designed for today’s sleek and curvy vehicles. No other pad hugs the curves and contours of your vehicle to give you maximum surface contact like a Kompressor pad. Try out the Kompressor line of foam pads with your dual action or rotary polisher. The 7 inch pads work perfectly with Lake Country’s 7 inch flexible backing plates.

A total retail value of $71.94. Save $11.95!

Lake Country Kompressor 7 inch 6 Pack - Your Choice!

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By Jim
Cleveland, OH
February 9, 2015
Lake County Compressor Pads
I have been using these pads for years and they do a great job. The cuts in the foam hold the compound or polish and by adding a little pressure to the DA, the compound is evenly released on the surface. I noticed some complaints about the pads breaking apart. As with any foam pad, you have to use a conditioner on the pad to keep it soft and pliable. I use Chemical Guys Pad conditioner but any spray detailer will work OK. Never use a dry pad and keep the pad moving over the surface. If the pad is getting hot, you're doing something wrong.
ProsLong lasting. Easy to clean.
By Stan
"Reeves Ranch" Goose Creek, SC
November 27, 2014
Best Pads available..
In my opinion..These are the BEST Pads available ..period. 'Nuff Said..
ProsPerfect fit Quality +
ConsHaven't found any
By Josh Bachman
July 15, 2011
Great Pads... For the rotary
I have noticed a few complaints regarding these pads. Let me first say: Although they can be used on a DA-type machine, They are really intended to be used with a rotary polisher. The DA will heat up the adhesive and POSSIBLY cause premature velcro failure. As far as throwing chunks - sure! If I hit an antenna or catch the edge of a steel bumper. That being said, these are my go-to pads and always have been since Autogeek started carrying them. I can remove even the worst RIDS and swirls and finish down to a show car finish. I LOVE these pads!
By Darren Sandlin
April 28, 2011
Worked Perfectly
I have been using the pads for aproximately 15 details now and have had no problems in any form. The foam has held up, no problems with any adhesion to the backing plate, and no delaminating from the pad itself. My needs as a professional detailer hae been met with more than satisfactory performance and i intend on using these pads as long as they continue with their current perfomance.
By Scott D.
November 24, 2010
Pads don't stick to plate.
I haven't experienced any tearing, as I have only used these on my Flex 3401, but they won't stick to the backing plate. They will simply fall off if I am not careful in carrying the buffer with them on. Only carry buffer upside down, and be careful on vertical panels for fear of pad slipping off and having backing plate rub on paint while spinning. It almost happened a few times. I have to readjust the pads every 30 seconds or so, to recenter them, because they get lopsided, and eventually want to fly off even on horizontal surfaces. I had high hopes for this pad, with no splatter, ect. They DO seem to conform to irregular surfaces well, but since they don't stick, they are extremely annoying. New Flex, new pads, so new velcro on both. It was the first pad I tried. When I tried a CCS pad, that actually stuck to the backing plate, I could hardly stop pinching myself. Buffing became easy and worry free. I don't know what the best pads are, but these are horrible. As others have said, a waste of money.
By Que
October 26, 2010
Dont Buy
This pads may sound great, but they dont hold up even on the first panel! They started breaking up and throwing tiny foam bits everywhere!
By Joe
July 27, 2010
Adhesive melted off
These pads are not that great, after a few uses the foam started to fly off the pad. Also don't run the pads to hot or you will melt the adhesive right off the pad. A few of the pads i bought didn't even make it through half a car. Don't waste your money
By Brad
November 18, 2009
Bad Pad
These pads do the opposite of what they say. They do not prevent splater, its the same as any other pad you use. They are also very poorly made. The very first time i took the white pad out to polish my truck, the pad wasn't strong enough to finish what it started. It started to through pieces of foam out from the sides. And I didnt go over any corners. Better off finding something else.