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GTechniq P2 Jewelling Polish 100 ml.

GTechniq P2 Jewelling Polish 100 ml.

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Jewel your paint to achieve the highest gloss possible!

GTechniq P2 Jewelling Polish is a specially formulated ultra-fine polish designed to remove buffer trails (also referred to as “holograms”) and light swirl marks on all paint systems. Nano-sized abrasives work on a microscopic level to take little bites out of the paint, thus creating a perfectly smooth surface so light is evenly reflected. The smoother the paint, the higher the gloss! GTechniq makes achieving perfect paint effortless with P2 Jewelling Polish.

The circular/rotary polisher is the tool of choice for body shops and professional detailers because it offers unrivaled correction ability. This type of tool, while very powerful and capable, does have its drawbacks. The circular/rotary polisher is a direct drive tool that only spins in one direction (a dual action/orbital polisher rotates and oscillates) and because of this, unsightly buffer trails/holograms are left in the finish after polishing. GTechniq said enough was enough and developed P2 Jewelling Polish – a 21st century polish that guarantees to provide a flawless, hologram-free finish on all paint systems.

The secret to GTechniq P2 Jewelling Polish lies within its advanced nano-sized abrasives. When compared to the chunky, jagged abrasives that other so-called finishing polishes use, the abrasives that GTechniq formulated for P2 Jewelling Polish are so small you that can’t even feel them; P2 Jewelling Polish has the smooth consistency of a hand lotion!

GTechniq P2 Jewelling Polish is a real pleasure to work with. You’ll appreciate its exceptionally long working time and easy wipe off. What’s more, P2 Jewelling Polish doesn’t dust or cake up.

Consider this: the average paint thickness on a new car is 3 mils – about the same thickness as a piece of printer paper. When polishing paint to remove swirls, scratches and water spots the idea is to use the least aggressive approach possible. GTechniq knows this which is why they’ve developed P2 Jewelling Polish - an ultra-fine finishing polish that removes up to 50% less paint than a conventional finishing polish. Whether you're removing light swirl marks with a dual action/orbital polisher or jewelling the paint to perfection with a rotary/circular polisher, GTechniq P2 Jewelling Polish will leave a perfect finish every time.

GTechniq P2 Jewelling Polish can be used with a rotary/circular polisher or a dual action/orbital polisher equipped with a soft foam finishing pad. If you’re using a rotary/circular polisher, you should not be applying any pressure to the tool while working in P2 Jewelling Polish. If you’re using a dual action/orbital polisher, apply a moderate amount of pressure. Slow arm movement is critical with either style machine.

Say goodbye to buffer trails and holograms with GTechniq P2 Jewelling Polish!

100 ml.

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GTechniq P2 Jewelling Polish 100 ml.