Jescar Finishing Products

Since 1978, Jescar has been the leading distributor of high end automotive polishing products. They were the first to introduce German quality to the automotive assembly plants and ultimately to the professional detailing market. With their unique understanding of the automotive products market, Jescar expanded beyond only compounds and polishes to develop their own range of superior car care products that have become industry standards for detailing pros and enthusiasts. Jescar Finishing Products is manufacturing their new high-performance compounds and polishes that take paint correction to a new level of quality. Since then, Jescar has expanded into a diverse range of detailing products which include, waxes, cleaners, and ceramic sprays.

Jescar Power Lock+ Plus is the new, longer lasting and slicker version of the original Power Lock polymer sealant that is the standard for paint protection. For traditionalist that prefers the warm carnauba glow of wax the Jescar Color Lock outperforms in durability and ease of application. Combining the qualities of compound, polish and acrylic wax Jescar's All-in-One is the one-step solution for correction with protection. Jescar Paint Refresh is a professional instant detail spray that will clean and protect for regular maintenance, and the new ReactShine wheel cleaner is the latest addition to the new Jescar Finishing Products range for superior wheel care.

With over 40 years of experience in industrial polishing and high-gloss surface applications Jescar is committed to the automotive detailing market with innovative new product development for the ultimate in car care.