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> Jay Leno’s Garage Vehicle Wash

Jay Leno’s Garage Vehicle Wash

Jay Leno’s Garage Vehicle WashMaximum lubricity for a paint safe wash!

Jay Leno’s Garage Vehicle Wash was designed with the show car in mind. This concentrated formula is pH-neutral, rinses away streak free, and produces copious amounts of suds for a safe vehicle wash. Jay Leno’s Garage Vehicle Wash will remove the dirt, grime, and dust from all exterior surfaces without harm! If you’ve been searching for a show car worthy shampoo that is both effective and paint safe, you’ve found it with Jay Leno’s Garage Vehicle Wash!

Washing your vehicle properly is the number one way to keep your paint swirl and scratch free – and your vehicle shampoo plays a huge role in that step. If you have a shampoo that doesn’t produce enough suds to safely remove the contaminants on your paint, you’ll end up just moving them around on the surface creating micro-scratches and swirls. You need a car wash that products ample amounts of suds and high levels of lubricity to safely wash your vehicle – Jay Leno’s Garage Vehicle Wash contains both!
Jay Leno's Garage Vehicle Wash produces huge amounts of suds with just 1-2 oz. of product - more than enough to safely remove dirt, mud, road muck and more to provide a squeaky clean finish!
Jay Leno’s Garage Vehicle Wash is a concentrated formula, meaning you get more bang for your buck! Even a small amount of this product will produce large amounts of soap and suds – each 16 oz. bottle will wash up to 6 vehicles! Jay Leno’s Garage Vehicle Wash is pH neutral and will not strip any existing waxes or sealants you have on your paint. It will only get rid of the shine-dulling surface contaminants!

Jay Leno’s Garage Vehicle Wash rinses away streak free for a simply clean and shining surface! When used with a 5 gallon bucket and Grit Guard, Jay Leno’s Garage Vehicle Wash is one of the safest ways to wash your car! If Jay Leno think it’s good enough for his extensive car collection, it must be good!

Pro Tip: Use Jay Leno’s Garage Vehicle Wash in a Foam Gun for a quick and sudsy way to wash your car!

16 oz.


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